Relaxation Techniques To Relieve Stress #StressLess2BMyBest

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There was a time not too long ago where stress and anxiety consumed me. I recently shared my journey of learning to enjoy the moment and not waiting for the other shoe to drop. I attribute my stress relief to relaxation techniques and Rescue products. I now make it my goal to find the silver lining and focus on these relaxation techniques to get me through the day to day. Balancing family life and a career can be overwhelming and stressful, but it can be a beautiful thing.


Slow Down

First and foremost, there is always tomorrow. Now I am not telling you that putting everything off is good, but I am telling you that tomorrow is a new day. I keep a to-do list with me and add to it all the time highlighting things that can not wait. Keeping the most important items highlighted allows me to not feel overwhelmed. I can see everything I have marked off and relax knowing I actually got a lot done.

Don’t take it all on alone

One of the big stress’ for me is coming home overwhelmed by what needs to get done before bed. From a messy house, un-prepared dinner, homework and impending bedtime. It all seems to pile up and leave no room for relaxation if I take it on myself. I also tend to be crankier with my family when I have so much on my plate. To curb the home stress I started an afternoon routine that includes everyone pulling together to get all the household duties done. Step one get a plan of attack and include the entire family, together make a list of things that need to get done. Things like trash going on the curb, a load in the wash, a uniform needs to get found, lunch boxes need to be prepared. I don’t assign my kids work because it leads to complaining and complaining leads to stress. Rather, I let them each go through the list and do what suits them. Each completed task earns that person 15 minutes of electronics time. This relieves my work load giving me time to get dinner on the table. When my entire family pitches in we have more free time to hang out and practice our relaxation techniques.

Life Happens, Go With It

Inevitably that other shoe is going to drop. Something is bound to happen that will ruin your day. I ugly cried a while back when my computer crashed and I couldn’t recover anything on my own. All the priceless photos of my family, my work; it was all gone and I cried like a baby. I took my computer to a repair shop and a day later my computer was fixed and all of my work and photos were recovered (and backed up).  It turned out that I spent a morning organizing my office, going to lunch with my husband and having a movie night with my entire family. This was a much-needed blessing in disguise. I wouldn’t have put work aside and it took my computer being out of commission for me to slow down. Life happens and as long as I remember to go with it, I can avoid the unnecessary stress.

Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Stress


Seems like a no brainer, but stress causes a lack of sleep. We can worry so much that it is difficult to even get to sleep. RESCUE® Sleep helps you fall asleep naturally with a blend of Original RESCUE® Remedy with Bach® Original Flower Remedy and White Chestnut. RESCUE Sleep is a non-narcotic and non-habit forming sleeping aid. A good nights sleep allows you to have a rested brain and more clear head to conquer all of life’s ups and downs. 

Calm Down

When stress hits take a moment to step away and refocus. Just breathe and put your energy into the positive of the situation. Have RESCUE® product on hand, for when you need to regain control. 

Best Foot Forward 

Before you jump to the worst case scenario dissect the situation and put your best foot forward. Take the stressful situation in stride and step up to the plate. 

Don’t Give Up

Stress is part of life and sometimes it seems like throwing your hands up is easier. But it’s not going to get you where you want to be. Failure happens to everyone so work on getting to the outcome you want.

Get Help

Get natural stress relief with RESCUE products. Developed by Dr. Edward Bach, more than 80 years ago,  RESCUE Remedy is the natural way with nothing but natural ingredients. The formulation of flower essences helps stress less, stay calm and in control. Over-the-counter RESCUE products provide gentle, non-habit forming everyday stress relief. Download the BOGO coupon to try RESCUE products, and be automatically entered to win the #StressLess sweeps!



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