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Reviva Labs Collagen Serum & Makeup Primer

I received products from Reviva Labs in exchange for my thoughts.

I tend to obsess over a fresh, healthy looking face. I love wearing subtle makeup that doesn’t overpower.  At thirty-something my routine has turned to a desire to keep a youthful appearance for as long as possible. Reviva Labs makeup primer and collagen serum formulas are all natural and safe.

Who is Reviva Labs

 A natural skin care company with 30+ years of experience starting out in professional skin care salons and now found in Health food stores.  Reviva offers natural ingredients for all skin types with no animal testing.

collagen serum by Reviva Labs

Reviva Collagen Serum

I have been eyeing collagen face products in an effort to smooth out my fine lines. The Reviva Collagen is a serum that literally drowns itself in your skin. My skin feels immediately hydrated with the serum and with this cold weather I can use all the hydration I can get.  The Serum alone is made to help smooth severe and fine dry lines and improve the skin’s texture. The serum is not greasy but it does leave a moisturized finish. After using the serum every other week for a month I definitely feel like my skin is healthier looking.

makeup primer by Reviva Labs

Makeup Primer

I have tried many makeup primers in the past. When I first tried the Reviva primer I was amazed at the soft silky layer that was swiped across my face. The consistency is thin and sheer and it left a smooth silk feeling layer over it.  The primer absorbs just enough onto the skin to blur the pores and fine lines. My makeup definitely went on smoother and left a more professional finish than without the makeup primer.  I’ve even gone without makeup a few times and just wear makeup primer. It leaves a dewy fresh look to my bare skin.

Reviva has won me over.  I am happy to support a brand that does not animal test, is all natural and lives up to the performance of the claims.


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