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Santa Is Real We Are Joining The Santa Project

Fill the internet with belief of Santa

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If you don’t believe, you don’t receive. A sentence I uttered to my oldest son a few years ago. I never had to repeat that sentence to him again. Christmas is a magical time and our family fully knows that Santa is real. I watch my boys eyes light up every time we drive by a house full of lights and when we come home with our Christmas tree strapped to the roof of our vehicle. Every morning my eight year old runs to the den and plugs in the Christmas tree lights and I’m reminded of how perfect this time of year is for him. Last night we planned our week and talked about our impending Santa visit. The excitement that came over them filled my heart with happiness. I was inspired to not waste anymore time and help the boys with their Christmas lists for Santa. We spent the evening talking about how generous Santa is and all of the fun things we love to do this time of year. Our tradition of baking Santa cookies and making sure that our Christmas lights are on so he can find his way throughout the night don’t fall short on my boys. Those prove to be their favorite memories of Christmas Eve. and traditions we will always keep.

santa is real

Macy’s created the #SantaProject, to help spread the magic of belief. For my family it is important that we that we contribute to keeping the belief that Santa is real and keep these traditions going. Not only do these traditions give us something to look forward to, but for my husband and I we have kept a lot of our childhood traditions alive and it’s so exciting to watch our children enjoy them as well. 


 Santa Is Real join The Santa Project  

Getting ready for santa

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