Sick Days…

sick days in bed

Guess who gets to miss school, AGAIN this week. Brody has had 3 sick days in the past week. He managed to make it to school Tuesday and Thursday. He is ‘knock on wood’ better, but it  just so happens he has a dentist appointment that was scheduled last month today and when they said they where “fitting him in” it kind of put me in a we need to make this appointment work frame of mind.  

This whole missing school fiasco started last Friday when Brody woke up running a fever. Actually Aiden was sick for the second day in a row by then, so it was officially a sick day in our house. By Saturday bam, 4 of us where hit with fevers and feeling yucky. LC managed to dodge our germy mess, lucky guy. The flu has been terrorizing our elementary and middle school the past month.  It’s been so bad more than half of my oldest sons basketball team has been out with the flu. Apparently San Antonio has the 2nd highest flu activity in the country right now, so I was cautiously expecting a few sick days to enter our lives.

By Sunday we had all started to feel better and that afternoon I declared everyone healthy enough to prepare for the new week. As I got the kids ready for bed we realized Brody was running another fever and that was the end of his, I’m feeling better streak.

On Monday morning instead of heading to school he and I headed to our urgent care and the doctor assured us he didn’t have bronchitis, the flu or any other pressing illness. She was right, he had no fever the rest of that day and Tuesday he was back in the swing of things and off to school.

Enter Tuesday night and a terrible phlegm sounding cough accompanied another dreaded fever. It was a terrible night for my little guy, he was constantly waking up choking from an uncontrollable cough.

So Wednesday we took another sick day and imagine that, he miraculously didn’t get a fever and his cough seemed to clear up by mid-day. 

I took my chances and sent  Brody back to school Thursday.  We made it through the day and bed time fever free.

As usual each night I go over my calendar of things I am doing the next day and guess what, ‘BRODY DENTIST APPT. 8 AM’. Can we get a redo of this week and no more sick days! I mean we are so thrilled it’s Fri-yay, but I don’t think I got any real work done this week.

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