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Savor Every Sip Of Fall With Starbucks At Walmart

Savor Every Sip Of Fall With Starbucks At Walmart was sponsored by Starbucks but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience. #StarbucksAtHome #SavorEverySip

My husband is a major coffee addict, he rolls out of bed and goes straight to the kitchen without uttering a word. I follow behind shortly after his first cup to join him. Our mornings together are an opportunity to spend a quiet moment without the hectic reality we will soon jump into. Before the kids are up for the day is precious time for us. 
morning-traditions-savor-every-sip-of-fall-with-starbucks at walmart
Waking up to a cool breeze from a cracked window and the smell of Starbucks® Pumpkin Spice Latte immersing the air is enough the get this mama out of bed. Fall is here and it’s a chance to soak my taste buds in all of Starbucks® Fall flavors without stepping foot out of the house. My husband and I kicked off our morning with Starbucks® Pumpkin Spice Latte and Starbucks Fall Blend coffee. I didn’t have to run out for my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte fix today, because you can purchase Starbucks at Walmart.  
Walmart offers the Fall flavors I love and I can take advantage of the Starbucks Reward offer. Buy (3) qualifying Starbucks products at Walmart earn 75 Stars for purchasing these qualifying products. Get more details on how to earn those stars to Starbucks at Walmart.

Develop your Tasting Skills  

Always smell your coffee before tasting it. Your nose can detect thousands of smells.

When tasting a coffee, it’s important to slurp it. The subtle flavors and aromas reach all the tasting zones of your mouth.

Consider the coffee’s weight and feel in your mouth.

Characterize the aroma, flavor and how coffee feels in your mouth? What other food flavors or aromas can you compare the coffee to?


Four Tasting Characteristics

Aroma: the way a coffee smells. Sometimes subtle, aromas can be earthy, spicy, nutty, floral, etc. and are directly related to the coffee’s flavor

Acidity: the tanginess or tartness of the coffee (not the pH level) described as low, medium or high. Acidity is a lively, palate cleansing characteristic you’ll taste and feel on the sides and tips of your tongue and sometimes the back of your jawbone, like when you taste citrus fruits. Coffees with high acidity are described as bright, tangy and crisp with a clean finish. Low acidity coffees feel smooth in your mouth and linger.

Body: the weight of a coffee on your tongue, described as light, medium or full. Like comparing non-fat milk with whole milk, light-bodied coffees feel light on the tongue and have a clean finish. Full-bodied coffees feel heavier and have lingering flavors.

Flavor: the way a coffee tastes. Sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle, flavors can vary greatly between coffees – from citrus to cocoa to berry, to name a few – and register in different parts of your mouth.

starting-our-day-right-savor-every-sip-of-fall-with-starbucks-at-walmartI can savor every sip of Fall in the comfort of my home with my favorite person. Our morning rituals include a cup of Starbucks coffee and quiet moments together, snacking is optional. 


Purchase Starbucks at Walmart qualifying fall products and earn 75 stars.



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