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Are You Choosing Store Brand Formula

Choosing Store Brand Baby Formula Over Popular Name Brands

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Baby formula was the single most expensive and overwhelming purchase I made for my daughter. I talk a lot about my breastfeeding journey, but until now most people wouldn’t know that I relied on supplementing with formula. Each of my babies had a different path and I am proud to say that my youngest had the best of both worlds.

When my daughter was a few weeks old I was living in a haze of what felt like 24/7 breastfeeding. She was a grazing cluster feeder and I was an overly exhausted mom of four who was on the verge of losing my mind. After a very hard night with a colicky 4 week old, I found myself in the baby section of our grocery store reading labels on every single can of formula trying to determine which formula I should give her. Very quickly my eyes diverted to store brand formula options. They are significantly cheaper than the name brands. My number one priority was making sure I gave her the very best bottle of formula regardless of the cost.

Why I choose store brand baby formula over the name brands (1)

Choosing Store Brand Baby Formula

FDA Approved

All infant formulas name brand and store brand are regulated by the FDA, so all the ingredients meet FDA specific standards.

Price comparison

Store brand formula contains the same nutritionally comparable ingredients as the name brands but costs up to 50% less.

Ingredient Comparison 

Store brand and name brand formulas contain the comparable essential nutrients baby needs to stay healthy. See a full comparison of Similac Pro-Advance and Store Brand Advantage.

Ultimately I chose store brand formula because the ingredients were almost identical and I would ultimately save money. The comparisons left me feeling confident that I was getting the same quality of formula with either brand. When I introduced the store brand formula to my daughter she immediately took to a bottle. The experience of going from breast to bottle and back again was seamless.

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