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Superhero Costume Ideas


Superhero Costume Ideas
superhero costume ideas

The power of a great superhero costume is huge.  Brody lives in costume most days.  One minute he’s Spiderman the next Captain America.  I love to watch his inner hero and  pretend play come alive once he gets in costume.  Aside from being adorable he turns into a different person and imagines that he can do and be anything once in costume.  It’s pretty great to see my sometimes shy boy, save the world.

superhero costume ideas

The Best Superhero Costume Ideas

Green Hornet
Green Lantern
Captain America
Iron Man

Superhero costumes are perfect for year round. Think out of the box and aside from  Halloween.  Superhero Costumes make great anytime gifts.  Special occasions like birthdays, Easter and Avengers day  are more fun with superhero’s involved.  I don’t know a boy that doesn’t love a great Captain America Costume.

superhero costume ideas

Thoughts on the Captain America Costume

We received our newest costume from Wholesale costume Club for Brody last month.  This is one of the last superhero costumes he didn’t have but had been wanting for a while.  I am very careful when I buy costumes, for the boys.  For one they wear them a lot, for hours on end.  So the costumes are more like play wear and I need something that will withstand two wild preschoolers.

The boys especially love the mask and will even wear it sans the entire suit.  The mask did seem a  little tight for Brody (he does have a big head) but after we stretched it out a little by pulling on it, we got it to fit snug and comfortable over his head.  I am impressed that we didn’t ruin it, I was afraid as I watched my husband tug on it from wither side to stretch it enough to get over his head.  A+ for material quality!!

The costume has a nice padded “muscle” across the chest to give that 3d look.  The costume is great material.  Not thick by any means but not a sheer material that is see through.  It also comes slightly long which is better than it being “high water looking”.  The velcro backing is pretty sturdy, we haven’t had any moments where Brody has bent over only to have it come undone (some of his other costumes do that).

In all we are very impressed with the fit, style and look of the costume from Wholesale Costume Club.

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