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Visionworks Win a $100 Back to School Gift Card

Last week I was invited to Visionworks Back-To-School Moms’ Night Out.  I have to start by telling you a personal story, that makes eye exams so important to me.

Visionworks Win a $100 Back to School Gift Card

Enter my oldest who always passed his vision test given to him by the nurse at his pediatrician.  Years passed and I always assumed my baby had perfect vision.  Enter third grade when his teacher called me in and asked me if he needed glasses.  I was beyond shocked that she even thought he needed them.  This is my first born child, the kid I sat and read with since he was a teeny tiny thing.  I sat with him every afternoon and assisted him with his homework, surely if anyone questioned his ability to see clearly it would be me, right?!  I never saw him squint or complain and I was at every well child checkup.

What I didn’t realize is that my son was having trouble focusing from the white board to a sheet of paper on his desk.  His teacher would notice him blinking and squinting when he would look up after looking at the words in front of him.  She caught it, but I on the other hand had never seen this transition.

The next day we made a visit to have his eyes properly examined, my son was given a prescription that helped take the strain off his eyes and give him  the ability to have an easier less stressful day at school.  He had no idea he had an issue and considered the focusing issue normal.  Enter a few weeks later and my son was a little more outgoing, his grades where even better and he told me that he didn’t get sick before lunch anymore.  He attributed his head feeling cloudy and lingering dizzy feelings to being hungry. The bottom line is, had I taken my son to have an eye exam we may have caught this issue sooner rather than later.

Dr. Safner VP of Professional Services of Visionworks 

Dr. Safner VP of Professional Services of  Visionworks Win a $100 Back to School Gift Card

A few important tips to leave you with as you prepare for back-to-school. 

  • Don’t count on your child’s school vision test or pediatrician’s eye exam to be your child’s only annual eye exam.  Like my son, who was able to breeze through an eye exam.  Certain eye problems may still go un-diagnosed without a complete exam.
  • 1 in 4 children have un-diagnosed vision problems.
  • If you find your child having balance issues, clumsy, ADHD, squinting, headaches, academic issues you may want to consider an eye exam to rule out any issues.
  • Make annual or at the very least every two year eye exams for your child.
  • Sunglasses are very important in children and adults.  The bigger the better for ultimate coverage.  Solar damage affects every part of the eye.
  • Choose poly-carbonate glasses for your child.
  • An eye exam typically costs $50 – $80 (some areas prices may vary slightly).

Visionworks offers more than 590 optical retail stores in 40 states.

I left home with a fab swag bag that included a $100 Gift Card to Visionworks!  Because back-to-school expenses are piling up, I want one of my readers to leave their child’s eye exam, a pair of glasses or any other eye care they need to be the last of your back-to-school worries.
Enter to win the $100 Visionworks gift card.

Ends 8/11 at 11:59pm open to US residents only.
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