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Weight Loss Tricks after Pregnancy

 Weight Loss Tricks after Pregnancy

Ready to get back into your pre-baby body?  I am sure you have heard by now Jessica Alba wore a double corset for three months straight, after giving birth to her second daughter.  If you didn’t catch that wild tid-bit you can read her interview with Net-A-Porter.  While my first thought was “that’s extreme” my second thought was “I need to check this out”,  if I could get a body like that wearing a corset for a few months, it may be worth a try.  The girl has a body that any mother of two would slither into 2 girdles for, right?  The idea to train your waist into a sleek shape is a trick lots of celeb moms are using after giving birth.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Hourglass Angel.  I received product in exchange for my thoughts.

Weight Loss Tricks after Pregnancy  Jessica Alba corset regimenWhile it may not be for everybody to live in a corset for months, wearing a body shaper to occasionally loose a few inches and look good is always a great weight loss trick.  A few easy Weight Loss Tricks after Pregnancy.

The Right Undergarment(s) 

A Diva Corselette is a great everyday option, it works well for shaping your body and can be worn under practically anything.  The modern style looks like a piece of lingerie.  It’s comfortable enough to wear for hours.   You will immediately get a sleeker look and 1-3 inches of visible reduction off your waistline, no muffin top ladies.  The style supports your  bust, fits well over a bra and provides extra cleavage.  The style also makes a flat midsection and smooth silhouette with the three slimming layers and a PowerLatex core.

Weight Loss Tricks after Pregnancy diva corselette hourglass angel

The corselette is a temporary weight loss trick used by women everywhere.  The idea of wearing a corsellete 24/7 is one used by Jessica Alba and others.  Wearing this type of body shaper all day, keeps you from overeating and makes you perspire (literally melting off the fat).

With a  lot of will power, a healthy diet and lots of water  you can follow a safe regimen of shaping your own body.

Hourglass Angel has created shape wear that defines a heavenly body and healthy lifestyle.  From belly binders for post baby or shape wear to accentuate your curves. Hourglass Angel provides  modern, comfortable, and affordable enhancement garments.


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