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Yummy Mummy Poppins Pink Lining Diaper Bag

Pink Lining Poppins Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag

yummy mummy pink lining poppins diaper bag

Isn’t this a fabulous diaper bag?  It come from Pink Lining and it’s part of the Poppins Bag collection.  This completely fashion forward bag was brilliantly made.  I have had my fair share of diaper bags and have spent hundreds of dollars in an attempt to have something that was literally an all-in-one without sacrificing style.  This poppins bag in pink butterflies is 15 x 14.2 x 3.9in. the cotton canvas is coated in EVA laminate & 20% nylon making it easier to wipe clean. Also included is a yummy mummy padded water resistant changing mat and a clear zipper wet bag.

yummy mummy pink lining poppins bag

Famous yummy mummy cupcake logo 

yummy mummy diaper changing mat wet bag

Pockets, pockets and more pockets.  One thing I always struggle with is keeping bottles cold without having to bring along an insulated bag on top of a diaper bag.   The yummy mummy pink lining poppins bag has two thermo insulated bottle pockets.

yummy mummy poppins bag diaper pink lining pockets

This yummy mummy poppins pink butterfly bag is big enough to fit all of babies and my stuff.  I love that it is not over the top wide.  The deep bag is still be compact and holds everything.  The front zip pocket is nice for my personal stuff with a key chain, phone pocket and pen holder.  The adjustable shoulder strap will go over all styles of stroller handlebars.

yummy mummy pink lining poppins bag

There are so many fabulous styles of Pink Lining diaper bags, accessories, bags for kids and coming soon a to go line {which I am personally, so excited for}.  Their signature yummy mummy diaper bags have set them apart from other bags with their chic style and functionality. 


Are you a yummy mummy?

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Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my thoughts.  All thoughts expressed in this post are my own and may not reflect those of Pink Lining yummy mummy.

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