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How to Safely remove wax from walls.

How to Remove wax from walls


When my four year old kicked a ball in the living room, I immediately cringed and then heard a crash.  He knocked over my wax warmer and there went purpley-red wax running down my wall.  My husband freaked (he doesn’t see these kinds of disasters all day long) me on the other hand, this is just a normal day.  Almost two and four year olds commit these kinds of acts regularly.

I went into clean mode as I imagined myself at Lowe’s trying to match paint chips.  How was I going to recreate this color?  I don’t even own it anymore.  Cut a piece off from some inconspicuous place?  I always wonder about these things.  After about 15 minutes of scrapping pieces off with my nails and a butter knife, light bulb went off.   How do I heat this wax up?   I was really going for the idea of the wax rolling off and onto the floor.

How to remove wax from my walls.

how to safely remove wax from tile

Grab your hair dryer using it on medium to high heat.  Grab a few white paper towels.  Start by heating small portions of the wax with the hair dryer until you see it bead up and start to melt.  Take a paper towel and pat the wax, it will stick to the paper towel.  Proceed using clean parts of the paper towel until you remove all of the wax from the wall, floor and wherever else you find it.

Easy peasy way to remove wax.

Don’t waste your time scrapping or picking at it.  I cleaned this entire wall with the hair dryer in 10 minutes.

hoe to remove wax from walls safely

When you go to remove wax from a surface remember to start in an inconspicuous spot just to be sure you don’t go past the paint surface.