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How To Remove Wax from Walls

How To Easily Remove Wax From Walls Safely

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When my four year old kicked a ball in the living room, I immediately cringed and then heard a crash. He knocked over my wax warmer and there went purple wax running down my wall. My husband freaked (he doesn’t see these kinds of disasters all day long) me on the other hand, this is just a normal day. Almost two and four year olds commit these acts regularly.

How To Remove Wax From Walls Safely
I went into clean mode as I imagined myself at Lowe’s trying to match paint chips. We don’t even own this paint color anymore.  Cut a piece off from some inconspicuous place? I always wonder about these things.  After about 15 minutes of scrapping pieces off with my nails and a butter knife, I had a light bulb moment. Heat!

How to remove wax from my walls.

how to safely remove wax from tile

I ran to the bathroom grabbed my hair dryer and on medium – high heat started warming up the dried wax. I reached for the white paper towels and wiped the liquid wax off the wall. The was literally beaded up and started to roll down. Using wiping and patting motions I was able to clean up every drop of wax. Just keep using clean paper towel or you will end up making more mess. I cleaned my textured wall, baseboards and the tile floor in minutes. Don’t waste your time scrapping or picking at the wax. When you go to remove wax from a surface remember to start in an inconspicuous spot just to be sure you don’t go past the paint surface.

Update: I have even tried this method on my carpet, wood floor and it works just as well on both. Just make sure you don’t have the heat close to the carpet, you could start melting fibers. 

The simplest way to remove spilled wax from walls.

hoe to remove wax from walls safely

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39 thoughts on “How To Remove Wax from Walls

  1. The same thing just happened to me except it was my fault and not my kids! I was unplugging my warmer from the outlet with it full of hot wax. I knew it would let lose abruptly (probably because this is the second time I’ve done it) so I was being really careful. Well, as before, the wax went everywhere! toilet, wall, sink, etc. Even the mouthwash bottle ended up with a wax seal! Never thought to use the hair dryer!

  2. If it gets on a carpet… place the paper towel down and use an iron to heat make sure the paper towel is thick so it does not heat to the iron but when done just pull the paper towel away and the wax will all come with it !!

  3. I hadn’t thought of a blow dryer to reheat the wax…we had an incident with our warmer. My son was running our dog on her leash through the house & knocked over our heated warmer…ON HIS HEAD!! I nearly had a heart attack. Thankfully the wax is not hot enough to burn but it sure did make a mess! He had wax in his hair. He started to rub his head-I imagine I would’ve rubbed my sore head too. But that just made it worse, spreading the wax all over his hair. First thing that came to mind was grab a comb & pull it out…that was too painful. Poor kid. Then, I remembered I had calming oil (used for after hair removal). IT WORKED! Just a few squirts worked in then combed out. End result-soft & great smelling hair…but broken Scentsy.

    1. The wax is easy to get out,,how do you get the color out,,,have tried everything,,I have red in my white carpet,,even the scentsy lady didnt know how to get the stains out,,

      1. Try warm soapy water on a cloth to get the area damp. Then take a white towel or something similar and an iron. Put the iron on medium to high heat and go over the area with the towel covering it. I have pulled up a lot of stains using this method. The heat pulls the damp liquid up, hopefully the red will come with it.

      2. I used my floor steamer (probably any steamer would do) to get a red Scentsy wax off my light colored tile and grout. Not sure it would work on carpet as well for the color, but it does for the wax.

      3. Why doesn’t Scentsy do something to prevent this problem. No more Scentsy for me, for this very reason.

        1. It doesn’t have to be Scentsy or not. It can be ANY brand. Just take an iron and paper bag on carpet. Hair dryer on floors and walls.

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  5. That is a great tip for getting wax off of a wall if it happens. To help ensure that it DOESN’T happen, though, here are a few ideas: Use cotton balls to absorb the used, melted wax. OR, place a ribbon in the melted wax. Let the wax dry. Lift out. OR, turn night light on just long enough to soften the wax. Then lift/wipe out easily. Most of all, enjoy your Scentsy!!

  6. Any ideas for removing honee facial wax? I knocked over my warming pot and it’s everywhere! It’s a soft wax that won’t get very firm when it’s cold. Already tried ice cubes…

    1. Cooking oil..any kind. Mine got spilt under my sink and everything was coated. Apply let sit then scrape off. You may have to do several time but letting it sit a while works great.

  7. This works like a charm. My husband thought it was a regular candle and blew it out. Wax went everywhere on the wall and while I was sleeping he tried to wipe it up so it smeared all over. Hair dryer used and it was so easy least Thank you!

  8. Thank you! This is 6 time in 5 years. Candles to wax melts on walls, funiture, new floors. I’ve tried everything recommend except blow dryer. Now I need to go buy one!

  9. Husband is cleaning wax off the wall using the blow dryer as I type this. It looks to be working like a charm. Thanks!!!

  10. THANK YOU! I have had the remains of a nasty spill on my wall and floor for almost a year. I had tried everything, but you could still see a thin layer of clear wax on the wall all the time and it collected dust and dirt on it because it was sticky. I tried this and it came right off! I think I almost cried out of joy.

  11. OMG! So thankful to see this post! My wall looks identical to your’s (color, texture, to a T!) and I now have red Cranberry Garland all down it thanks to my beautiful and wonderful 9 year old daughter! I spent tons of time trying to scrape it last night! Will be breaking out the hairdryer this evening!! Praying I have as much luck as you did!!

  12. I’m so thankful for this post. I’ve been wrecking my brain trying to figure out how to get this off my wall. After cleaning up pizza sauce and spilled juice, heat on wax only makes sense.

  13. Anyone ever have wax spill on their furniture? My grandson had an incident and wax got on my couch.. is there anyone that can help me with this? Thank you

  14. thanks for this…it worked great!! I wa dreaded scratching the wax off with my fingernails or even a knife. this was so simple.

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