Add a little Gutzy to your kids backpack

It’s Back to school time! With all those important back-to-school essentials, there is one thing you can’t forget.  You need to get your kids Gutzy Gear!  From your preschoolers to tweens, gutzy gear will be all the rage this fall.  We just celebrated a little fun in the sun with the kids, there friends and Gutzy Gear.  While backpacks where the last thing on their minds every single one of them knew what to do with their Gutzies and the trading immediately started. 

What is Gutzy Gear?

Straps that go right over the backpack strap {or any bag strap for that matter}.  Your kids then collect gutzies, stylish patches that velcro right onto their strap.  They can be traded with friends.  This is a great way for your  kids to show their personality and express themselves in a fun way.

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Disclosure: I received a Gutzy Party Pack to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was awarded.  All thoughts expressed are my own and may not represent those of others.

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