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New Baby Dove Line at H-E-B + Giveaway #HEBBabyDove #BabyDoveArrival

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Products Perfect for Baby

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Just over a year ago I ditched my old routine for the Dove beauty bar. I have been hooked ever since to that sudsy bar in the shower. When I spotted the Baby Dove line at my neighborhood H-E-B, I was immediately intrigued especially with the dry and hot time of year that we are entering.

Baby Dove Products at H-E-B

My daughter has had very sensitive skin since birth and we have always been very careful with what products we use on her and how many baths she gets to help maintain her soft baby skin. Baby’s skin loses moisture up to 5 times faster than our own. For me it’s been important to not bathe her too often and opt for every other day or even skip two days to help maintain her skin’s moisture. Using Baby Dove not only gets her looking and feeling clean but it also replenishes with essential moisture and nutrients for her skin needs.

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe

The tear-free tip to toe wash compliments bath time perfectly. Topping bath time off with soothing Baby Dove lotion afterwards is our favorite way to end a long day and relax her baby. Baby Dove provides a loving sweet scent that lingers on.

Introducing Baby Dove at H-E-B

Shop our favorite Baby Dove products at your neighborhood H-E-B.

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe (20oz), Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion (20oz), and Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bar.

Dove Baby Lotion

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The A Thrifty Diva Baby Dove Gift Basket Sweepstakes


Comment on my Facebook post and let me know which Baby Dove products you’re interesting in trying and why you should win the Baby Dove Gift Basket.

H-E-B: Baby Dove

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