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Our Experience With Ear Piercing at Six Months

Getting your babies ears pierced Miesha

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Whelp we have hit another milestone with Miesha. She is suddenly six months old and I am an emotional wreck about it.It shouldn’t surprise anyone that getting her ears pierced would be such a big thing for us.  I love this little ball of slobbery kisses more than I could have ever thought possible. I have no idea how my heart can love four children this much, but it does BIG things. I get asked all of the time how we have adjusted to having a baby girl in our lives and I must say it is more magical than I can put into words. From the moment she was born we have all been head over heels in love with this little butterball. I think we all flip our lip when she is upset, she has us just where she wants us. 

Miesha six months baby ear piercing

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Ear Piercing at Six Months 

I had thrown little comments out about getting her ears pierced and my husband was never keen on the idea, in fact he said no the first time I mentioned it. I wasn’t really sure that getting her ears pierced was a good idea either, but I felt like it was a little sign of femininity if anything. I don’t know if it is a culture thing, but my family all assumed we would have done it already. Lots of people ask us why we haven’t pierced her ears or if we plan to. Out of the blue one day my husband said we should just do it. As a wife that doesn’t like to argue with her husband I obliged and planned for it once we were back from vacation. At her scheduled well checkup, that included a round of six month shots, it was also an opportunity to get her ears pierced in the pediatricians office. I was well prepped mentally that she would most likely get her ears pierced, but as luck would have it the office didn’t have solution to get the job done. 

This chickadee got her round of shots and a flu shot with no tears. Honestly I’m shocked at how well she did. We left there realizing her tolerance for pain was much more than we were giving her credit for. It gives me a good chuckle when I think of how tearful my boys well kid visits are. Without any mention of her ears not getting pierced my husband was researching ear piercings and we found ourselves at the mall an hour later picking out the best 14kt gold studs we could find.

**Before anyone harps on me for going to a mall to get my daughters ears pierced; I never looked at ear piercing as a traumatic event. It is the same exact technique my pediatricians office was going to use. And the same thing my mom did to me when I was a tiny little thing.**

Miesha six month update and ear pierced

I’m not going to pretend she powered through her ear piercing without a flinch, girlfriend cried okay screamed after the first ear. My husband had already stepped out of the store, because his daughter and pain, nope he was on the verge of tears when he put her in my arms right before her ears even had little blue marks on them.  He could hear her wailing from down the hall though. I quickly turned her into me and stood up, she squeezed tight and stopped crying. I gave us both a moment to compose ourselves and then sat back down with her. I held her hand against my cheek and within a moment it was all over. She didn’t cry loud this time, so I quickly walked off to look at a nearby stuffed animal and she smiled at me. I think I finally stopped holding my breath in that moment. I texted my husband, paid and we walked the mall. The minute she went to her dad she was back to her old self again. Ear piercing at six months worked for us. 

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