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Baby Gooroo Review & Giveaway

When I was a first time mom, it was scary.  I had no idea how to take care of a baby.  One thing that was pressed into my mind was breastfeeding.  It seemed every website, nurse and doctor would talk breastfeeding.  “Great, I’ll breastfeed”, I so uneducated-lly told everyone and myself.  To be honest there was nothing that hard about breastfeeding when it came down to it.  Sure it hurt the first week or two, I never knew if my milk supply was enough and holding my son on the right was awkward, but breastfeeding itself was a piece of cake.  The hard part was being a young mom uncomfortable with breastfeeding in front of others, even being covered up was uncomfortable.  I would have to go into hiding and it was terrible, the car, bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, anywhere private. Needless to say, I let my uncomfortable, embarrassed issues get in the way of my babies nutrition and I quit breastfeeding him at 2 months.   I was happy giving him a bottle of formula, but why?

Mom’s milk is a bear necessity!

One simple answer, everyone else was doing it!  I never saw a baby being breastfed, everyone I talked to gave into formula and I was just like them, a follower.  Had breastfeeding been a much more talked about socially acceptable public behavior, I think I would have stuck with it.  That was over eleven years ago.   With my next two babies, I felt more comfortable breastfeeding, educated myself and found support.   Baby Gooroo emphasizes their brand on what’s important mother’s milk.  Not only do they offer a great community to help parents thrive they also carry a line of accessories promoting breastfeeding.   I am proud to be a supporter of brands that promote and embrace breastfeeding.

Moms milk keeps me a-float!

Made of Peruvian pima cotton  and French terrycloth  the  bibs, burp  and wash clothes are luxurious.  The soft delicate material is perfect for babies and so comfy on your bare skin.  And what’s not to love about the fresh, simple sayings.  So understated, yet fun and sweet.  I also received the third edition of “Keeping it Simple” Breastfeeding.  It’s a go to guide for every mother from preparing to breastfeed to the issues that pop up during breastfeeding.  I love the entire Baby Gooroo line, it’s perfect for gift giving.

I flip for Mom’s milk!

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Baby Gooroo is giving (1) winner a great prize pack.  Baby Soft Towel/Washcloth set, Baby Soft Bib and the book, Breastfeeding: Keep It Simple.  Over a $50 ARV
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