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In my quest to be healthy, eat right and set good examples for my boys (you know the ones who beg to live on fries and oreos).  I am on a constant mission to find simple, easy and healthy foods.  It’s so easy to run through a drive thru and be done with dinner. But the effects are terrible.  Give my kids and hour and they are hungry and cranky, not what I hope for from a drive thru run.  Finding natural healthy meals that taste good is my ongoing mission.  I have gotten my hands on an array of evol burritos.   Okay with a name like that, I am bound to love them right 🙂  Well they had me at love.

If you enjoy greasy, artificially enhanced, processed foods these may not be up your alley.  If you enjoy a made from scratch, protein, fiber enriched and  natural meal you need to get your hands on evol burrito’s.  Even though the name is awesome, these burritos really do fit the bill for a great meal.

evol shredded beef

The evol shredded beef contains pinto beans, rice, cheese, tomato and a roasted corn salsa.

evol cilantro lime chicken
evol cilantro lime chicken

The evol cilantro lime chicken has brown rice, black beans, cheese and roasted corn salsa.

We tried a few of the burrito’s over dinner and yes, I did add  a side of sour cream, salt and pepper as well for a little extra flavor.  Who doesn’t love a side of sour cream, it’s a staple with burritos.  If I had avocados on hand I would have made a little guacamole, this would have put dinner over the edge of greatness.  The tortilla is tasty homemade goodness, it makes these burrito’s a slice of heaven.

Evol foods also has great egg burritos with sausage, green chile or potato.  I am not huge on microwaving our meals (unless it’s leftovers or we are starving) I really tasted the difference in cooking these in the oven rather than the microwave.  A little more flavorful and no soggy-ness  with the oven method.   I also hear a panini press will do wonders to these especially if you love a light crunch and a little more texture.

Overall I am very impressed and when it comes to keeping premade frozen foods in the freezer it’s evol burritos all the way.

Evol foods online you can also find them at your local grocers for a list of stores check out the site.

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