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Baby makes Six | We Are Pregnant!

Baby makes Six | We Are Pregnant! pregnancy ultrasound 10 weeks

Baby makes six. I waited a while to share this post, so let me take you back in time to when I first found out I was pregnant. 

When you have three boys friends, family and the universe expects that you will be trying for a girl. My husband and I had “the talk” right after our third sons gender ultrasound. So yes, if he was a girl we may have thought our family was done growing. We mutually agreed our family would most likely not be complete after that baby. It was a short discussion, something along the lines of ‘four kids would be good’. We left that door open for quite a few years after our youngest was born. We often threw the idea out there and would mutually agree our hands were full, but maybe later. Later turned into our youngest turning 5 and me being 35. That door of adding one last child closed, at least in our eyes.

God had other plans. 

I woke up on January 25th with pain in my left breast. The exact pain I felt when I ended up having a mammogram done for a lump in my breast.  So no, I didn’t think I was pregnant I thought I was dying of cancer. I spent a good twenty minutes in the shower trying to pinpoint the pain, find a lump, say a prayer… Then I went on with my day, constantly thinking I might have a serious problem on my hands. After a WebMD self-diagnoses I decided to wait a week and see if the pain grew worse, or if I could actually find a lump or other symptoms. On January 29th I realized not one, but both felt sore. This was the first time it crossed my mind I could be pregnant. 

With this not being my first rodeo, I was not completely convinced I could be pregnant. Every other time I was knocked on my butt tired and would get super sick with a fever.  I had all of my energy at this point and felt fine. 

Because I am someone that obsesses over things and can’t spend a moment not knowing. I picked up two pregnancy tests that evening. I took one test and it was negative. I looked at the calendar and tried to pinpoint my period. If I was pregnant, it would only be a little over three weeks since my last period. Way to early for a urine test. I then thought there was no way I could have symptoms if I had possibly just conceived. 

I waited a few days and took another test, bam! Pregnant. To be honest I wasn’t prepared for this. I had already closed the door on growing our family. I told my husband that night and his reaction was the same as mine, complete shock. This baby makes six, is that crazy? I had a moment of panic, can I handle this? 

Baby Makes Six | We are pregnant! 

This was a very emotional time for us. Excited, nervous, scared. Before Brody I had a miscarriage that rocked my world. I had become attached to that baby and it sucked the life out of me. I didn’t want to go through that again, so I found myself not becoming attached to the idea of being pregnant.  Our boys are very self sufficient and taking them out in public is easy. We have a routine and plans that would have to be put on hold. I spent the next four weeks just surviving the nausea. I honestly felt like I could miscarry at any moment. We didn’t tell anyone, we didn’t talk a ton about it, I didn’t even make a doctors appointment. I told myself if I made it through being about 8 weeks pregnant I would make an appointment with my ob.

Eight weeks came and went. At this point I was tired a lot, taking cat naps whenever I could. I was always nauseous. I scheduled an appointment for 10 weeks with my doctor. 

Baby makes Six | We Are Pregnant! 10 weeks pregnant

At my ten week appointment I saw the baby on ultrasound and at that moment it became real. The worried emotions towards adding a child to our tribe left. I had the MaterniT21 blood test done and my doctor told me in five days she would call with the results. I left that appointment feeling like this is really happening. I went home excited and blessed that we have this opportunity to bring one more baby into our lives.

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I’ll recap the next chapter of my baby makes six pregnancy and my MaterniT21 results in a few days. 🙂 

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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