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Beautiful Beasties Pet Photography Book

Do you love your pet? How about capturing great pictures of your furry kid.  I have snapped tons and tons of pictures of our dogs over the years.  Most of which aren’t very good pictures.  Dogs are great models but the person behind the camera needs to know what they are doing.  From the best camera to using a camera phone it’s all about the tips and tricks.  I recently received the book “Beautiful Beasties” by Jamie Pflughoeft.  The book is a creative guide to modern pet photography.

The 334 page book starts with the basics of photography, and dives into all the aspects. The book shares educational resources to improve your skills.  Learn the ins and outs with business tools to set you on the road to success.  I am very impressed with the layout of Beautiful Beasties.  It is perfect for the person who just wants to be a better photographer of their pets to the person who wants to pursue a career in photographing  pets.  This is the perfect book for a pet lover, especially the one that already has everything.

I have learned so much from this book as an SLR owner.

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