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TruKid Silly Shampoo & dancing Detangler Giveaway

Children’s product lines always fascinate me.  Mainly because I buy products that work on me, but I don’t necessarily want my kids using a color enhancing shampoo or root boosting hair product.  I want products specially formulated for their sensitive skin and products that I feel safe putting on them.  TruKid products are all natural, with no parabens, no SLS, no artificial colors or fragrances.  The packaging is bold and the names are perfect for kids.  Who doesn’t love a silly shampoo or a dancing hair detangler.

The TruKid clear formula smells fresh and mild. The silly shampoo is safe and works to clean the hair without stripping it of natural oils.  The shampoo produces a great lather and is gentle on my little ones.  My boys love the scent and don’t feel like they are using a girly product.    The detangler is perfect for those pesky tangles, that make combing your hair a pain.  I use it myself and love that it’s a light formula that doesn’t coat your hair with extra gunk or weight it down.  My hair feels just as fresh as it did right out of the shower.

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