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Beauty Routine Tips #PondsBackstage #ad

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There are a few items I can’t live without when it comes to beauty products. I didn’t always have a real beauty routine, but as I have become more comfortable in my own skin I have taken more pride in taking care of myself. Crazy it took me 34 years to actually feel proud of the way I look. I am not perfect, but I embrace my imperfections and of course work with what I have been given. 

Ponds Beauty Routine Tips

 Aside from the obvious beauty maintenance tips like drinking plenty of water and eating clean I am sharing my morning beauty routine tips. My morning routine is not over the top, I focus on a fresh face that takes less than ten minutes. 

Pond’s Exfoliating Renewal Wet Cleansing Towelettes

pond's exfoliating wipes

By far my favorite product in my beauty routine. I start every morning with the Pond’s exfoliating towelettes. No water needed with these just wipe away dirt and makeup. I love the refreshing citrus smell, it’s definitely a wake you up scent. 

Ponds S Crema 

My second step is to use Ponds S crema all over my face and neck for a moisturizing hydration on my naturally dry face. My skin feels smoother and refreshed. 

SPF Foundation

My number one rule in skin care is to use an SPF religiously. Because time is not always on my side I have started using a foundation with SPF. SPF protects my skin from the suns rays and provides for better elasticity, less wrinkles and crows feet. That’s what I call, winning!

Eyebrow Definition 

Filling in your eyebrows does wonders to your everyday look. Make those sparse hairs appear full and even. 


Most days I just don’t have the need for a full on face of makeup. Mascara though is great for brightening and widening your eyes to give that pop. 

Lip Balm 

A moisturizing spf balm is all you need on your pout to keep you looking and feeling moisturized.


Protect your eyes with oversized sunglasses. Sunglasses not only provide protection to your eyes, but also minimize squinting that causes those dreaded wrinkles. 

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