5 Cricket Wireless Savings Ideas {Plus Nokia Lumia 1320 Giveaway}

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My nifty thrifty heart is always in dollar stretching mode. Give me a dollar and I will show you plenty of uses for it. I have always been this way and take great pride in quality products that do not break the bank. Making the switch to Cricket Wireless was a no brainer once I realized that my hard earned money could go to bigger and better things. Cricket Wireless offers 3 simple plans starting as low as $35 (1 GB of data), $45 (3 GB of data) and $55 (10 GB of data) a month, after $5 Auto Pay credit

5 Cricket Wireless Savings Ideas 


Save your extra money and take a much needed vacation.  I make it a goal of mine to save half of my play money each month. It’s not a whole lot, but every little bit slowly turns into enough money to take a family vacation without coming out of pocket. 

Pay It Forward

By now you probably know how passionate I am about giving back and doing random acts of kindness. It’s amazing how good you feel after performing simple tasks to bless and brighten someones day. Use your extra cash to do small acts of kindness. Pay for a strangers meal, buy your co-workers a coffee, surprise your kids teacher with a dinner out gift card. 

Pay For Chores 

There are just somethings I don’t expect my boys to do. Washing my car, making my bed… I recently made a chore chart of things that needed to get done around the house. My boys have their assigned items, but now get a small payment for helping out with other household chores. I’d rather pay them to get the car cleaned than take it somewhere or do it myself. They also take more pride in doing other people’s bed as opposed to their own. 

Date Nights 

I’m not talking about just a night out with my husband. My kids get their own date nights every other month as well. With our Cricket Wireless savings I can carve out special nights for a one-on-one mom and son date and not feel guilty about overspending for the month. 

Upgrade Household Items

I have a bevy of items around the house I want to upgrade. The toaster my husband and I have had since we got married. Our washer that sometimes decides not to finish a cycle and sits full of water. With my Cricket Wireless savings I can now upgrade my housewares every few months or less.


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