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Blogging For Free! How Much is your post worth?

Blogging for Free?

blogging for free

The competition in the blogging world is stiff.  A bloggers main goal is to stand out among the crowd.   So we spend countless hours writing up an engaging post, researching the topic, work in the anchor text, get a few great keywords, configure the perfect title, plugin to the latest SEO tricks to give each post the best exposure possible and if we’re lucky don’t have to change a few sentences or an entire paragraph {just because you’re not happy with it}.  With all of the work you put into a post, is it worth your time blogging for free?


The average post takes at least 1 hour of my time and that’s if I have all my ducks in a row.  Then we move onto promotion, share it on our social networks.  With facebooks algorithm, a blogger has to determine the best times their fans will see posts.  You can have 10K fans with only a reach of 20.  Then a clever well thought out status update follows. Do you use a picture?  Ask a question?  Post your link in the comments?  Contrary to popular belief it takes great thought to post to facebook and write a tweet that is worthy of RT’s and clicks.  Then you move onto networking with other bloggers in private groups and forums to get that extra push of tweets, likes to the post and shares.


When a brand reaches out to you or a PR person pitches you, what do you do?

If you ever want to be respected, taken seriously and pay your bills, you must consider how that post would benefit you. 

Is it in your scope of work? Does it fit your niche? Do you want that content in your blog?

If you said No, to any of these three questions I would say move on and sending a brief reply. I have a blanket response that will basically keep that email from coming back to you.

If you said Yes to these questions decide how you will benefit.

  • Send a pitch back when there is no definite compensation or product in return established in the post. Craft up a clear and brief pitch back that states what you will offer and what you require in exchange. Make sure to include your Media Kit.
  • If there is a great Press release that I know I want covered on my blog, I will usually share it. Think about the traffic that post could potentially bring. If it is information you know your readers will want to know about, consider posting. I always respond back with a short email stating that this Press Release is perfect for and if there is a budget to promote on a larger scale. If it is a business opening or event pitch with a personal visit, real-time promotion across social channels, etc. in exchange for more promotion. If you are considering sharing without any compensation, opt to monetize that post either in content or on sidebar.


The company is reaching out to you for exposure look at yourself as a digital advertiser.  An advertisement or  commercial could never be done for free.  Even if your focus is not monetizing your blog, your blog still deserves the compensation of some sort. 

Any thriving brand will have a marketing budget so the next time you get a pitch, look for ways to expand your brand as well as their own.

Blogging for free, what should you charge?

That golden number my friend is up to you.

Consider your traffic.  Look at your google analytics and daily traffic.  At the very least you should be seeing a daily traffic of at least a couple of hundred readers.   If you’re not seeing traffic start networking and getting your posts read.

What is your google page rank?

0-1 rank $10+ a post

2 $100+ per post

3 $300+ per post

4 $600+ per post

What are you worth?  Your blog is a reflection of you, it is your online space a front seat in your online living room.  Are you going to stick an ad in your front lawn promoting something for free?  Blogging for free is a tricky business. 

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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