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W is for Wapiti! Children’s Storybook Review


As we enter a new momentous time for little B (3 yrs old) the wonderful world of ABC’s are on our agenda.  “W is for Wapiti!” is a storybook with an included music CD.  This is not your old school alphabet book teaching you that A is for apple and B is for ball.  “W is for Wapiti!” is a book that challenges your preschooler and engages them in building a stronger vocabulary.  Each letter is cleverly adapted into a song of rock, pop, world and folk music.  Each page of the storybook coincides with a song to influence your child’s learning.  The 50 minute CD includes 24 songs.

What I think:

 I found the stories to be cleverly written and interesting to read.  We enjoy reading the storybook and letting the songs play on.  If you enjoy new ways of enriching your children through music and venturing into great words. The illustrations are wonderful.



 R is for the Rambunctious rascals making a racket.

Songs written by Christiane Duchesne and Paul Kunigis. 

Performances by Canadian jazz vocalist, Karen Young and stage actor-singer, Glen Bowser.

Artwork by Geneviève Côté.

You can find W is for Wapiti! HERE.

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