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Brands and Bloggers Working Together

Brands and Bloggers Working Together

Brands and bloggers working together, the first steps. Over the past five years blogging has become my profession.  I didn’t just wake up one day and decide I was going to make a living or even be successful at blogging.  Blogging started as an online diary for my boys.  As time went on and I started to grow a small audience outside my immediate family and friends, I began to make daily posts a priority.  The blog has always been “A Thrifty Diva” not because I am an avid couponer (I wish I could figure it all out and have couponers patience) my blog name came about, because I always make it my mission to stretch my dollar. I don’t need to be in designer clothes to feel good about myself.  I live for Target shopping and clearance racks. 

Brands and Bloggers Working Together 

Who do I work with?

I don’t just shoot off random emails to people to get free stuff. The work and effort to write a post is usually more effort than a freebie is worth. That doesn’t mean I won’t work for product in exchange, I am just very particular on those freebies. Freebies, essentially don’t pay the bills. It really has to be an item I want and am excited about. I use this platform along with my social reach to share products I believe in and stand behind.

Can we collaborate?  

Maybe, if we are the right fit. I am a Latina blogger with three boys and a daughter on the way. I am happily homeschooling two of my boys and enjoy having my children with me 24/7. The balance of having a not  so traditional lifestyle and blending this brand an interesting mix. I love to collaborate with brands that fit my lifestyle and share my families views.

Brand and Bloggers connecting is a beautiful thing.  

Leads generate sales (period)!

Marketing through Search Engine Optimization!

I have spent a lot of time and money learning about SEO and how to give my  posts the best opportunity to be found.  Simple interlinking, anchor text, photos and well written posts are essential to your marketing plan.

I am in for the evergreen haul!

My posts are written to be evergreen.  I don’t review products, I write posts that weave in products.  A more genuine approach that doesn’t force anyone to like or dislike a product.  I want the post to stay lively now and in ten years.  I want my readers to read a story that integrates these key products.  Regardless of what I am talking about I want to have a more natural approach that conveys that I am a real person and not just copy and  pasting information.

It’s a collaboration made in e-heaven.

I write to give my opinion and share my voice.  I don’t  schlep products begging my readers to buy them.  Being active on many digital channels allows me to share products on different social outlets. If I truly don’t like something I take my issue to the brand, rather than share my distaste.

I do require compensation or product in exchange, sometimes both.  More information in my media kit. It really depends on how we can best collaborate together.  I tailor each collaboration to your needs and how I can best support a brand.



Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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