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How To Be Pain Free Without Surgery. What is Airrosti?

Last month I mentioned some of the back issues I was dealing with. I exhausted multiple avenues and was told that I most likely would need surgery to correct the issues. I was so upset that I left thinking I would rather deal with the pain than potentially be out of commission and deal with all of the craziness surgery entails. Not to mention I have three kids and a husband who would have to deal with me being MIA.  I decided to forgo another Dr. visit for a while and see if time and taking it easy would heal. I looked into Airrosti as a different approach to relieving my lower back pain. I visited the Airrosti Rehab Center

With nothing to lose at this point and feeling like a sitting duck suffering from an old fracture, bone spur, and sciatica pain, I was looking forward to Airrosti.

How To Be Pain Free Without Surgery. What is Airrosti?

Airrosti is a more hands-on approach to pain. Before you opt for pain meds and think surgery is your only answer, Airrosti is a great option. The goal is to find the root of the problem with an expert assessment and diagnosis. Functional testing will be performed at every visit to gauge improvement.  Manual Therapy — Soft tissue and joint mobilization will be delivered through a hands-on approach (manual therapy), using skilled manual/physical medicine to effect changes in the soft tissues (including muscles, connective tissue as well as fascia tissue, and joint structures) with the purpose of improving function and range of motion. You will leave your first visit with specific stretches and exercises to help speed your recovery. Airrosti also uses Kinesio Tape when necessary. Kinseo Tape stabilizes joints and supports the treated area to decrease pain and swelling. The tape will lift skin to decrease pressure near pain receptors. It also allows increased lymphatic absorption of excess fluid which reduces bruising. The elastic quality of the K-Tape supports the muscles like a second skin, which helps the muscles contract back to resting position.

How To Be Pain Free Without Surgery. What is Airrosti?
The treatment works for multiple pain and injuries. My visit to Airrosti Rehab Center included learning a number of back pain preventative exercises.  I learned how unstable my core is and the technique of foam rolling. A deep compression exercise method for releasing the restrictive barrier in the fascia, helping pain, muscle tension, and blood flow.  The first session was not a quick fix, I was told 3 sessions would be good for me to see results. The next day I did feel sore from the new exercises but kept with them so that I could work those pains out. After my second appointment, I left less pain than I had ever felt. It was extremely exciting to learn techniques that were actually helping me work out the pain.  After my third session, I had very little pain when I exerted myself in different positions. I still have issues with sciatic pain during the night, this is nothing new and what I have been dealing with since I was last pregnant, but overall the lower back pain is completely gone doing day to day activities. I am learning how far I can push myself without reinjuring myself. I have hope that the pain I have will over time become more manageable and one day completely non-existent. 
How To Be Pain Free Without Surgery. What is Airrosti?
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