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Breast Milk and Formula Deciding Which is Best

Breast Milk and Formula deciding which is best

breast milk and formula

The easy answer to deciding between breast milk and formula is there is NO right or wrong.  What is best for one baby is not best for another.  My best answer is to follow your heart and do what you feel is best for you and your baby.  Formula has come along way and has the nutritional needs your baby needs.  Breast Milk contains the immunity-boosting elements that you can’t find in formula.  Although evidence proves breast is best, babies still thrive on formula.

I have done both with all three of my boys.   My oldest son was solely formula fed and is now twelve.  My middle son was solely breast fed and is now four.  My third son was both breastfed and formula fed and is now two.   I wanted to only breast feed all of my babies but for different reasons I did both.

My choice Breast Milk and Formula

When it came to formula here are my thoughts.  I am not a name brand junky. The most important part of a formula for me is the label of ingredients.  I 100% believe in reading the label, comparing ingredients and using what is best for my boys.  When I ventured away from nursing my youngest, I was stuck with an even harder decision.  An entire aisle of formula and the options scared me.  All claiming to provide my baby with the best, the fear set in that I had a big decision to make.

After doing some homework and comparing brands I went with Comforts For Baby formula.  It was the facts of the can that led me to save over $6 a can than the leading brand names.

My little guy went from nursing, to enfamil and Comforts For Baby all in his first 3 weeks.

Breast Milk and Formula

Breast feeding is an option that I feel is a great decision for everyone.  All of my boys where born 5 weeks before their due date.  At the hospital I started the nursing process with the encouragement of the nurses.  I nursed my babies for the first few days.  My oldest I quickly moved on to formula.  It was a mix of being uncomfortable, tired and having a hard time adjusting to breast feeding.  I will admit, I quit.  When I had my second I was determined to breastfeed for the first three months at least.  My son took to breastfeeding like a champ and not even pumping and feeding him out of a bottle was an option.  He refused anything but the breast.  I gladly breastfed him until he was 17 months old.  My third son was born with high Bilirubin level that seemed to spike after breastfeeding.  We alternated between formula and breast milk and that is the way we stayed for six months.

None of our three boys have experienced ear infections, one is not prone to getting sick more than the other.  And so far all have done exceptionally well and have been healthy little boys.  As I said before everyone is different and responds differently to formula and breast milk.  Although I highly encourage breast feeding, I don’t see anything wring with formula feeding.

I truly believe a mother should be able to make the best decision on breast milk and formula for her baby without judgement.

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Breast Milk and Formula

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