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5 Reasons to try Caress Body Wash and Bar Soaps #CaressLovesTX2018

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I love H-E-B soo much that when my husband and I contemplated moving out of state, I made my pros and cons list. My heart broke thinking about not having my neighborhood Texas grocery store to turn to. When we decided to hold off on uprooting out of state, I looked at my treasured grocery store in a whole new light. H-E-B is more than a place to pick up my grocery essentials, I turn to H-E-B for all my favorite beauty products. I don’t miss a chance to sneak through the aisles looking for H-E-B yellow coupon deals like the $1 off on Caress body wash and bar soaps found at H-E-B!

Yellow coupon deal at H-E-B on Caress

5 reasons to try Caress Body Wash and Bar Soaps

 Yellow Coupon 

I became hooked on buying Caress Body Wash at H-E-B a few years back. It’s a pretty safe bet that I will give a product a try if there is a great coupon out for it. Those H-E-B yellow coupons have introduced me to some of my favorite essentials. 

Save $1 when you buy any ONE (1) Caress® Body Wash or Bar Soap. Offer valid 1/17/18 – 1/30/18 available in-store and as a digital coupon.

Caress Body Wash at H-E-B #CaressLovesTX2018


Let’s talk about this dry weather for a second. It craves moisture and I love being able to step out of the shower, dry off and feel silky and touchable skin. Caress has a SilkEssence formula that leaves your skin soft and silky. 
Are you a bottle smeller? I am that girl sniffing every single bottle of body wash in the beauty aisle at H-E-B. I love a lingering fragrance of floral tones. Caress long-lasting scents stay on your skin throughout the day and are perfect for 12 hours of freshness. 
Caress offers a full lather that makes you feel like you are indulging in a spa treatment. Use a loofa and a dab of your favorite Caress body wash to your shower routine. 


Caress is a gentle soap that isn’t harsh on my sensitive skin. I leave the shower feeling clean, soothed and moisturized.  There is no oil residue or weird feeling on your skin. Caress washes out well, while still leaving you feeling clean and smelling great. 


Do you have a favorite Caress fragrance that makes them feel most beautiful? 

Right now my favorite is definitely Caress Body Wash Daily Silk. The exotic aromas of white peach, silk blossom, sandalwood, and musk are the perfect combination.


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