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Kicking 2018 off with Less Pressure

A new year, same me.

New Years Day

Every year I make all kinds of good intended resolutions and every year they fade away after a month or two. I can’t deny that I am naturally an unorganized mess. So this year there are no resolutions to break and less pressure on myself to be a “new person”. Truly I just want to invest more in my passions and enjoy my family.  

We kicked off the new year with less pressure and a sick babe. Which doesn’t surprise me one bit, because someone always insists on making life interesting. We made plans to have a few family and friends over for New Years Eve and I had a ton of things to do to prepare. You truly have to have a plan, back up plan and a plan when the backup plan fails. Absolutely everything that I had planned to get done on New Years Eve. morning didn’t happen. 

Instead I woke up to my sweet girl running a fever. After a spending half the morning cuddling her, I realized she had welts on her hand, fingers.

allergic reaction bug bites

We don’t exactly know what bit her or when, but Miesha, like her brother Dominic is insanely allergic to bites. The last time this happened we were stuck in the ER, monitoring her heart rate and watching her bites for any changes. We can’t really ignore bug bites around here, but at least I knew why she was running a fever. After meds and lots of cuddles she was herself again. My husband took over prepping for company and we continued on with our festivities.

It’s a good thing I made a resolution to take the pressure off of the New Year, because there were so many things I wanted to stress out about that day. 

After the last of our company left, Miesha went back to not being herself and we  spent the next 72 hours battling fevers and watching her bites. As much as I wanted to get into a routine and get the new year off to a good start. I knew the best thing to do was to take it easy and make sure she was feeling back to her old self. So three weeks off it was.

Happy 2018 to you, me and here’s to less pressure in 2018. 

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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