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Charlie a Toy Story

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In our home we have weekly family movie nights.  We unplug from the world meaning, everything electronic like games and cell phones are off limits.  I make the family  a fun dinner that we can eat in front of the television and get into a family movie.  Family movie night’s get tricky though, we need something that appeals to our pre-teen and preschoolers.

I just got my hands on Charlie a Toy Story which is set to release on DVD April 2nd for $14.98.  We made a date yesterday in front of the television to see what Charlie a Toy Story was all about.  The boys were excited, since it was based around a dog named Charlie.  These boys are huge fans of pets and already wanted to know more about the golden retriever Charlie.

Charlie a toy Story

charlie a toy story

The movie is based on a little boy named Caden and his best friend a golden retriever named, Charlie.  Ten year old Caden and Charlie fight to ward off the bullies who are out to break into Caden’s Dad’s toy shop to steal his new one-of-a-kind toy invention.


charlie a toy story dvd

The movie is a mix of laugh out loud comedy and a story about believing in yourself and fighting for what you believe in.   Our entire family stayed entertained throughout the movie and we especially loved the fun mischievous antics used to protect what they believed in.  The movie is great to add to our collection of family friendly movies and we look forward to watching it again and again.


Disclosure:  I received a copy of Charlie a Toy Story DVD in exchange for my thoughts on the movie.  All thoughts expressed in this post are my own and may not represent those of others.

Charlie a Toy Story

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