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Fourth of July Crayon Mold Easy Craft For Kids

4th of July Crayon mold people

You know how I complained yesterday about our epic amounts of rain we have been having that almost ruined our Hershey’s Smore’s evening? Well obviously it rained again today. It. Just. Won’t. Stop. Raining. Rainy day crafts commenced with an easy craft for kids, we broke out our silicon molds and melted crayons. Our ginger bread boys tray has become our favorite crayon mold. To prepare for the fourth of July we turned our ginger bread boys into fourth of July inspired crayon kids, complete with faux sparklers.

july 4th crayon kids craft with mold

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees, meanwhile peel the paper off of your crayons. I picked this ginger bread boy mold up at Hobby Lobby in the baking section. You will need about 60-ish crayons to make 24 crayon kids. This is an easy craft for kids. Let your kids tear the wrapper off the crayons, break the crayons and  almost overfill the molds. My kids love destroying their already used crayons. Over-filling the molds will allow for the empty spaces in the molds to fill.  Time the molds in the oven in 5 minute increments checking the melting process in-between. Once crayons have melted just enough to become flat in the mold, remove the mold from the oven. Remember the longer you leave the crayons melting the more the colors will bleed together.

crayola mold people

For fourth of July inspired crayon kids, I did a few red, white and blue crayon kids.

crayola mold people 4th of july

Pickup fourth of July inspired cupcake toppers to be used with the crayon kids. Once the mold has been removed from the oven, let it sit out for about 10 minutes. Move the mold around to loosen the crayon, pop out the crayon kids while still warm and simply slide the toothpick in the hand of your crayon kid to turn him into a festive fourth of July crayon kids. If you wait until they cool too much you won’t be able to add the festive toppers.

4th of july crafts crayola mold people

Fourth Of July Crayon Mold Easy Craft For Kids 

4th of July Crayon mold people

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