CuddleUppets Yellow Dog review

If your kids watch TV during the day, then they and you are familiar with CuddleUppets.  You know that catchy jingle “Cuddle Cuddle Uppets, blankets that are puppets”.  It is seriously stuck in my head  for hours, just the kind of jingle those crafty cuddleUppet folks where hoping for.  Brilliant!  My son has begged me to get him one. So when we received our CuddleUppets Yellow Dog I knew he would be ecstatic.

This sweet CuddleUppets Yellow Dog has become a fixture on our couch, just waiting for one of my kiddos to come cuddle.  And boy do they cuddle, it’s impossible not to want to curl up next to the yellow dog that is a puppet.   Seriously makes for some fun cuddle times and yes, the boys fight over who gets him first.  Cuddleuppets come in 6 different cuddly friends with the blanket attached.  The blanket is a great size for the boys 39″ x 28″.  They can even both get under and curl up.


What do I think?

We give the Cuddleuppets an A+  it is a great soft and comfy blanket.  How can you resist the cute puppet attached.  ADORBS!  The boys love this blanket.  It would make the perfect gift, holidays are right around the corner after all.


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I received a CuddleUppet courtesy of Jay at Play through The Blogger Connection to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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