Denny’s Value Menu Can we dine for under $20? #DennysDiners

denny's under $20 Denny's Value Menu Can we dine for under $20?

Disclosure: I am a Denny’s ambassador, all thoughts expressed are my own. #DennysDiners #ad

Can we really eat for under $20? In all fairness, this does not include the tip, but seriously y’all we never have a bill under $30 when we all go out to eat.  We headed to Denny’s the other morning to have a go at the $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu and [happy dance] it was a hit.
denny's under $20

Summer home with the kids has been ah-mazing! My only complaint is that a family of five can get expensive when you are constantly trying to stay entertained. On Wednesday, we headed out to grab a hearty Denny’s breakfast and visit the children’s museum. My four-year-old has yet to finish a meal without having leftovers, so we opted to share the slam breakfast plates with him.

Our total order

  • $2 pancake stack (six-year-old)
  • $4 all you can eat pancakes (teenager)
  • $4 value slam (mom)
  • $8 Grand Slam Breakfast (dad)
  • 2 kids drinks and 3 water’s


Denny’s $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu is more than just breakfast. Try the value menu all day long with meals like the $6 Baja Quesadilla Burger, and the $2 Strawberry Pancake Puppies Sundae.

Check out the full menu and more about Denny’s.



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