How to Throw an Engagement Party On A Budget

how to throw an Engagement party

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So you have the idea to throw an engagement party for your best friend. There are so many great reasons these two deserve a celebration in their honor and you feel compelled to host it for them. What now? I have pulled together simple tips to throw an Engagement Party on a budget.

 How to Throw an Engagement Party

  • Include others in your plan to host the party. This will help alleviate the pressure of you doing it all. You will be amazed at how easy it can be to delegate a few of the tasks to others.
  • Schedule your party with a start and end time. Two hours is perfect, besides having to overstock items this also keeps guests from showing up considerably late when you throw an engagement party.
  • Using your own space or borrow a friends. Collaborate with your friends, because sometimes they have the perfect space. Neighborhood cabanas and private pool areas are also a great option. These can be prime spots with creative She Said Yes decorations.
  • Schedule the engagement party after lunch or late evening.  Serve appetizer foods or a dessert only table. Keep the items easy, inexpensive and your guests will be happy.
  • Hire a bartender to make 2-3 drinks tops. Decide on the drinks beforehand and have a menu of what’s available for guests to see. A wipe away board is great for displaying whats available. If the bartender runs out of something just let him know to erase it. No need to have everything under the sun available. Add a few bottles of wine and a few beer selections. Think up a signature drink with minimal ingredients.
  • Keep guests entertained with music playing throughout the party so that there is no dead time. We love this portable sub speaker.
  • BYOW – Bring Your Own Wine invites. A simple card asking to come celebrate the couples impending nuptials by bringing a bottle of wine to toast with.
  • A romantic bar that offers a private area is a great consideration. You can work out space for free if you buy a few bottles and have a bartender serving drinks. Most bars are apt to bottle discounts if you secure the space for a couple of hours early in the evening. That gets their bar filled and guests are likely to stay after the party. Opt for simple appetizers from a local eatery that are light and inexpensive.
  • A restaurant with a live band is also an option for keeping guests entertained. Consider the cost of food and drinks. Look for restaurants that offer a buffet style options for your party or have a menu just for guests to order off of that have pre-selected entrees and drinks. This will help you know the cost ahead of time.
  • Skip the decorations and opt for engagement party favors.
  • Guests like to bring gifts. Make sure the bride and groom have registered so they aren’t getting a bunch of random things they don’t need or want. Encourage guests to do group gifting to keep in their budget on those large price tag items.

Whether you plan to throw a lavish affair or a simple gathering, the most important thing is that it reflects your personalities as a couple and celebrates the love you share. A budget-friendly engagement party can do just that while helping you stay financially savvy as you embark on this exciting journey together.

How to throw an engagement party. Do you have any tips to share, I’d love to hear them?

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