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Lee Jeans Style Party


I have been trying to get this post up for a while now. It has been insanely crazay and honestly life has been one overwhelming day after another. The littlest and I just got back from an unplanned trip to visit my grandparents.  I promise to fill you in on all of that craziness soon.  

Right before Christmas Kristina of Hott Mama in the City and I threw a Lee Jeans Style party for a group of our SA blogger friends.  Girls, food, swag and prizes… it was a blast.

lee jeans


 When I was asked to host a Lee Jeans party, I must say I was not sure Lee Jeans was “my style”.  Whatever my  “style” is, I really don’t know.  I did a little research and was impressed with the Lee Jeans site.  The styles where adorable and so chic.   From skinny jeans, colored jeans, flared jeans, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair.   Our party came complete with a Lee Jeans stylist to guide us in the right direction.  It was great not having to try on a million pair.  She had those special powers where she could show you a few styles for your body type and bam… you fall in love.

Swag bags with branded goodies for all of the girls.

#LeeStyleParty swag

 I am a huge fan of Zoes Kichen and we were honored to have them host our party.  If you haven’t had a chance to try Zoes Kitchen you need to go.  I am obsessed with their steak rolls, hummus dip and chocolate cake!  My husband and I never leave there without grabbing a tub of chicken salad for lunches at home. I crave that stuff.

zoes kitchen cateringOh my word, the jeans where a plenty.   The Lee Reps came armed with 2 racks of jeans, enough to fit everyone of our guests.  All sizes, colors and styles.  

lee jeans

 We showed off our personal favorites and everyone fell in love with Lee jeans.  

lee jeans

 So chic, classy and perfect fits for each of us.  We each had our own reasons for loving Lee jeans.  My favorites fit just like a pair of  broken in jeans. 

I am living it he Gold Label Jade Skinny Jeans, right now.  So perfect and true to size.

lee jeans


You can shop Lee Jeans online, at Kohls, Macy’s or go here to search other available stores.

Connect on twitter @leejeansus  and Facebook Lee Jeans.


 A few of us rocking Lee Jeans at a Sea World San Antonio Event.

lee jeans #leestyleparty



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