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Plan For The Perfect Family Vacation with this DIY Travel Savings Bank

Plan for the perfect family vacation with a travel savings bank.

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I found a fantastic DIY travel savings bank idea that got me excited about planning for our next family vacation. My husband and I are passionate about family travel and providing enriching experiences our kids won’t forget. As summer vacation planning season has officially kicked off, I want to be as prepared as possible. My hope is that I can take some of the pressure off of ourselves by getting our children in on making responsible financial decisions along with us. Of course, telling a nine, six and one-year-old that we need to manage our money is like teaching them about 401k’s… they just won’t get it.  

Instead, we started reminiscing about our previous trips. All the things we did, all the souvenirs and how fun it was to jump in a rental car and drive the Pacific Coast Highway in search of the perfect beaches.

To plan for our next trip we made our own travel savings bank. My kids have a goal to fill it up as much as possible in order to prepare for the perfect summer vacation.

Plan For The Perfect Family Vacation with this DIY Travel Savings Bank

They are equally excited that they have a say in what we use the money on. Including them in the planning process is one of the main reasons I love homeschooling. We get to make real-life decisions and strategize a plan, working together to see it through.



Take time to research multiple destinations. Factor in weather and if there are options to still enjoy your destination in not so perfect weather. Look into travel insurance and what it covers if you need to cancel.


Keep a log of all costs from travel and accommodations to activities.


Travel reward programs can help you cut costs and earn rewards.


Family travel is much more convenient when you have your own rental car to allow for plans to change. We can take more adventures, pack more essentials and get around faster when we have a rental car from Alamo Rent A Car.


Make an itinerary with options in case you need to change plans.


Make family vacation planning a family affair by making a DIY savings bank like this one from Alamo’s Scenic Route. It’s a great way to get everyone involved in having a memorable and fun-filled trip.

 DIY travel savings bank idea

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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