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Four Winter Blues Distractions

It was gloomy, cold and the wind was mostly unbearable. Although I am toasty in my warm living room, have a million things to do, 243 unread emails, I still hate the idea of being confined. I have no ambition to work, cook or clean. Bring on the winter blues, right?!


Winter blues are not fun!   I will admit, I am being a little spoiled here.  What do you expect from a South Texas girl.  This polar vortex hit most of us hard the past few days.  I had to google polar vortex yesterday, my meteorologist mentioned it and then I kept seeing it on twitter. I guess our country was/is under it’s frigid spell.

A little background, I hate being cold, I have only experienced real snow once and I was five.  Technically that doesn’t even count, because I have little if any recollection of it.  I am much more happy  and content in 100+ weather. I definitely do not function in anything less than 30.  It’s like my body shuts down and all I can think is to curl up in a ball.  South Texas doesn’t usually go below freezing for long and it’s usually overnight when I am all cozy in my bed.  We hit 70 on Saturday and last night (Monday) our low was 16 and our high was 34.  That’s our weather, it changes drastically at the drop of a dime.  I have managed to stay indoors for 45 of the last 48 hours, because I just truly hate being cold.  When we did leave, we all looked like the little brother on The Christmas Story.

Darn I should have taken a picture, but I was too cold.

christmas-story-snow-suit Four Winter Blues Distractions

For me the winter blues came on when the sun decided to stay hidden.  It was gloomy, cold and the wind was mostly unbearable.   Although I am toasty in my warm living room, have a million things to do, 243 unread emails, I still hate the idea of being confined.  I have no ambition to work, cook or clean.  Bring on the winter blues, right?!


4 Distractions from the Winter Blues 

Home Project 

Get a home project in the works.  We all have a million pins on cool projects.  Take on a home project that you can do yourself.  I have a list of things to do in our home, and we are currently taking on a renovation project.  My nifty husband is taking on a lot of our home projects himself.  You may not have the dream to tear out your entire kitchen and living area like we did.  But even a small update like painting your pantry or turning a closet into an office will take your mind off of the dreary days and keep you extremely busy.

Four Winter Blues Distractions

Dinner Date

Make a special date with one of your favorite people.  The hubby, mom, your middle child, perhaps?!  When you are in a funk because of the wintery weather, break the daily repetition and brave the weather for a couple of hours.  We have a handful of favorite places that we love to leave the cooking and dishes too.

It’s a great stress reliever.

Four Winter Blues Distractions

Plan a Vacation

We are all dreaming of fun and sun.  Give yourself something to look forward to and plan your next summer vacation.  Beach, anyone?

photo credit: esther** Four Winter Blues Distractions
photo credit: esther

Clean Up Your Diet

I know those comfort foods are oh so nice right now.  Don’t do it, or at least do it in moderation.  It’s so easy to give caution to the wind and load up on carbs in this weather.  Heavy meals steal your energy and just make you lazier.  Start changing your diet today and introduce cleaner meals and start removing toxic meals from your diet today.  I work in moderation, I still love comfort food but it truly should be a treat when you have junk food and soda.

Add organic chemical free food to your diet; fruit, greens, fish, chicken, green tea, water and whole natural grains.

Remove processed foods from your diet; sodas, red meat, sweets, chips, canned food,  and carbs in general. mellowfood Four Winter Blues Distractions

I’d love to hear your winter blues distractions.

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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