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How To Build A Stash With Freemie Collection Cups

How To Pump and Build A Stash With Freemie Collection Cups Freemie hands-free Pump

Disclosure: How To Build A Stash With Freemie Collection Cups post contains product that was given in exchange for my thoughts.

I am in the thick of exclusively breastfeeding on demand. Whenever her hunger cues set in you will find me settling in for another feeding with my daughter. There is no schedule and no maximum amount of daily feedings. It’s been six months of what feels like round the clock nursing and I feel like I deserve an award or maybe just a pat on the back. The way she nuzzles into me and is immediately content when she gets into position to feed makes every moment worth it. The journey of breastfeeding has been intense and some days I have wanted to quit. 

From that first latch at just an hour old we both seemed to ease in. The feedings started out short and sweet and then like a freight train I was deep in tears, blood and an obscene amount of nipple cream. I gave up that second week and ran out and bought formula, she didn’t tolerate it and spit up the entire four ounces. I cried because I couldn’t give up on her even in all that pain. I decided not to pull the plug and keep pushing through. On day 18 I finally saw the light. My breasts didn’t hurt like they had been, I could finally wear a bra without feeling pained. It was all starting to come together and my daughter and I entered a new phase of feeding on demand.

How To Build A Stash With Freemie Collection Cups

We’ve made it this far and it is an amazing fete. I’ve only exclusively breastfed two of my four children, truth be told I didn’t have the patience before. Somedays I am sad that I gave up, but when it is all said and done I did what was best for me and my baby at the time. Building a stash takes energy and commitment especially when you are already nursing full time. This is what is working for me and I hope it will help you on your own journey.

Don’t let the commitment overwhelm you.

There is a lot of time invested in building a stash and it can drain you. Don’t stress, you may only get a very small amount of breastmilk in between nursing. At the beginning it could take multiple pumping sessions for me to get 4 ounces pumped. That was twenty minute pumping sessions about three times in an 12 hour period.  Don’t give up you will increase your supply if you stick to it and easily pull 4 ounces in one pumping session. The more you pump the more supply you will develop. I can successfully pump 4 ounces first thing in the morning and still be able to nurse my daughter thirty minutes after. 

How To Build A Stash When You Are Breastfeeding On Demand Freemie Collection cup

Invest in the right products.

By now you have probably done your homework and own a fabulous pump. This is the easy part right, the hard part is carving out time to use the darn thing. I’m about to blow your mind with a product that will make pumping easy. The Freemie collection cups are a game changer in my life. They allow you to pump without having to balance those dreaded horns and bottles. I simply slip the Freemie collection cups into my bra, attach the tubes and pump while I do just about anything else. No more hiding in my room to pump in seclusion, I can leave my shirt on and discretely pump while I work, play with my daughter or even drive. Yes, people I can be in the car and discretely pump with my battery powered pump.  

Pump as often as possible.

To build your stash pump on one side while baby nurses on the other. Pump first thing in the morning or after that first morning feeding. Squeeze in as many pumping sessions as possible through out the day. The Freemie collection cups allowed me to get in (4) 20 minutes pumping sessions a day, typically 45 minutes after a feeding I can pump 2-3 ounces. In one 12 hour period I can accumulate about 18 ounces of a stash.  I don’t go more than two hours without pumping or nursing, this helps my body get on a schedule. 

Snack and stay hydrated. 

The key to boosting your supply is to eat often and eat healthy. I also drink tons of water, green tea and fruit juice. I sneak in sweet tea when I am out to eat, but the key is to being as hydrated as possible.  As long as I have a drink sitting in front of me I will find myself drinking it. 

How To Pump and Build A Stash With Freemie Collection Cups

Freemie Collection Cups make pumping not such a huge task anymore. They did take some practice to learn how to use them most efficiently. Making sure I had a good suction and then not losing any liquid gold once they are filled. I simply pour the filled cups into my NUK Simply Natural bottles or storage containers. The pieces easily clean with hot soapy water in minutes. 

I’d definitely love to hear what works for you on your stash building journey. 

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