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Fuzzwippers Book Review


When it comes to toddlers finding their way through life’s simple skills it’s a complicated tasks.  How to be a good listener, understanding that sharing is important and knowing you are loved are a few of the most pivotal tools we can give our children.  Fuzzwippers by author Marilynn Halas takes children on a journey with friends the fuzzwippers to learn social skills that will last a lifetime.

The book is illustrated by Jeremy Provost.  He does an amazing job of capturing the story with a colorful and fun outline. My little’s enjoy the book over and over.  They have come to talk about Fuzzwippers as there own friends and have picked up cues from the book telling each other “you are loved” when the other cries.

The Fuzzpippers are little creatures who speak to your imagination, literally.  They are personal friends who there to keep little ones from feeling alone.

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