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How to get rid of dry skin in 4 steps #LuminousSkin

jergens How to get rid of dry skin in 4 steps #LuminousSkin #Jergens #LatinaMomBloggers

This is part of a product review campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and JERGENS; complimentary products were provided.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. #LuminousSkin #Jergens

I suffer from dry skin year round.  I tend to get away with it a little more in the winter, because I am covered up.  In the summer, not so much.  My summer regimen gets a little more hardcore because I live in tank tops, shorts and sandals.  With more skin being exposed I have to really work on that luminous healthy skin we all crave.  Jergens has a fantastic line of products that have helped bring out my skins radiance.  The JERGENS® SHEA BEAUTY OIL is an intense radiance, sheen, and hydration product.  Talk about packing a punch in my beauty routine with one product.  If you are on the BB Cream train with your makeup routine, you will LOVE JERGENS® BB BODY PERFECTING SKIN CREAM.  I mean really a BB cream for your body, priceless.

I am on a path to living healthier, these days.  I mean I am only thirty-three once, I need to start living better now.  I have compiled a list of must-do’s to get rid of my dry skin and in turn treat my body better.

Get rid of dry skin How to get rid of dry skin in 4 steps #LuminousSkin

How to get rid of dry skin in 4 steps?

Start from the outside!  Once you are out of the shower and dried off, generously apply JERGENS® SHEA BEAUTY OIL.  I find that it works best on my damp skin.  The shea beauty oil gives a luminous, hydrating look and feel to my skin.  Use before bed on your hands and feet to give them a dose of hydration.  Shea Beauty Oil is the perfect cure for dry and flaky skin.

Hydrate from the inside!  Do you know how much water you should be drinking?  It isn’t the same 8 glasses a day for everyone.  The amount of water you consume depends on your weight and activity. Slender Kitchen has a great calculator to help you get a good water consumption number.  It’s very important to hydrate from the inside.

You are what you eat!  Do you want to look like fried food?  Neither do I, make sacrifices – because I know how delicious fried food is too.  Eat those bad for you foods in moderation and stick to fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

Stay moisturized!  Morning, noon and night you should be keeping your body moisturized.  JERGENS® BB BODY PERFECTING SKIN CREAM is an all-in-one way to get perfectly looking skin.  This tinted daily use formula will hydrate, smooth, brighten, illuminate, give you an even skin tone, firm skin and minimize the appearance of imperfections.   Yes all of those benefits in one.  BB Body comes in medium – deep skin tone and light skin tone formulas with a self adjusting tone technology for your skin tone.

Jergens Logo How to get rid of dry skin in 4 steps #LuminousSkin

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