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See it. Stream it. With Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player

See it. Stream it. With Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player
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Are you ready to upgrade how you watch TV?


With the new Google Chromecast you can take your devices up a notch. It’s easier than ever to stream your favorite shows, movies, watch live TV, check out apps like YouTube, see photos and more right on your own big screen. We recently cut the cords on our cable and went with the new Google Chromescast. Now we can stream on every TV we own with the Chromecast.

What does Google Chromecast do?

See it. Stream it. With the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player. There is no need for a new television just the Google Chromecast to play all your favorites.
Apps On Your Television 
All your favorite apps on your Android or iPhone can play directly from your phone to your TV with Google Chromecast. Plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port on your TV and stream your favorite entertainment right from your phone with just a tap. Stream and still use your phone at the same time.
Mirror Your Laptop
Want to mirror your laptop screen to your TV? Surf the web, see your media and share your laptop screen on your television with Google Chromecast.
Cast Your Tablet
Use the cast button from any compatible app on your tablet to make an even better entertainment center on your TV.
Voice Control 
Use your voice to stream from compatible apps, mute the volume, rewind, and more with Chromecast and Google Home. Just say what you want to watch from compatible apps and control your TV hands-free, with Chromecast and Google Home working seamlessly together.²
Connect With Ease

Chromescast has a built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi that connects to the Internet through your wireless home network. Easily connect it to your high-definition televisions with their HDMI connectivity.

The new Google Chromecast is available now at BestBuy. Shop it now.
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