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4 simple Ideas To Prepare Your Home For Entertaining

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 Holiday entertaining is around the corner. In our family it’s a time for enjoying each others company, great food and lots of quality time.  Truth be told we will find just about any reason to have a party. Last day of school for Thanksgiving break, baking for Thanksgiving day, all immediate reasons to have friends and family over and entertain.  That’s basically how I remember my time at my Abuelas growing up.  It’s part of our culture to turn just about any event into a reason to entertain.  To keep my home ready for company at almost anytime I have turned to my roots and taken a few pages from grandmas book.

4 simple Ideas Home Entertaining 

The Bathroom 

Let’s face it this is a space that needs to be looking its best. All it takes is ten minutes each evening to have your bathroom looking clean around the clock. I keep a spray bottle of homemade shower cleaner under the sink.  After my shower I spray down the toilet bowl, shower, sink and counter top.  Let that sit while I sweep, replace the hand towel and then wipe everything down for a nice clean space.  To give the room that final touch, I have made the upgrade to the new Charmin plus the scent of Chamomile toilet tissue. Charmin plus chamomile tissue paper is bringing back an old time favorite in my home. I grew up with scented toilet paper a staple in my abuelas home. This family tradition made it’s way into my own home with the delicate scent of Chamomile. The soothing scent is the perfect touch to invite my guests into a more enjoyable bathroom experience.  The Charmin plus Chamomile toilet tissue instantly  freshens up the space.



With three boys it is impossible to have a spic and span space.  Even if I deep clean ahead of time, there are always seem to be  toys, crayons, lego’s a shoe, article of clothing that ends up in plain sight right before guests arrive.  To clear up the clutter, I keep decorative storage pieces handy.  An ottoman that doubles as a space to fill with odds and ends.  A bench in the hallway that provides enough storage to hide backpacks, extra shoes and other random items.  A basket in between a couch and wall also make great clutter catchers.  Get creative with pieces that can double as storage.

Create Space 

Imagine your home full of people.  Table space and seating are very important.  Make sure you have space so that everyone can sit and relax together and not far apart from other guests.  If you have a tight space, move furniture out to a room you don’t plan to use.  Less is more when you have a full house.  Use outdoor space to create more space indoors with outdoor seating options.

Bring a Dish

Don’t put all the work on your own shoulders.  Ask guests to bring a favorite dish.  Mix it up asking a few to bring sides, a few to bring a dessert, and a few to bring drinks.  That way you can focus on the main dishes and not feel so overwhelmed the day of.


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