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Keep Hair Looking Vibrant with TouchBack Plus

Don’t you love when you leave the salon.  Your hair looks healthy, your new color pops and you have no roots.  Then enter about the 3 week mark and you start noticing your color fade or those beautiful highlights getting brassy and what about those gray  roots.  How do you keep hair color looking vibrant longer?  I was introduced to the TouchBack Plus System, a few weeks ago.  Perfect timing because I have started highlighting my hair again. 

TouchBackPlus leave in conditioner in Golden Blonde

The TouchBack Plus system is available in 8 color shades plus a clear formula.  A shampoo, conditioner and leave in line to maximize your color longer.  Perfect for natural hair colors that need a boost, colored hair to maintain that vibrant I just left the salon hue and it also works as a toner to tame those grays.  The line of Touchback plus will keep hair looking  shiny and has a UVA/B sunscreen to protect your hair.  Containing no ammonia, no peroxide, and no sulfates this is a completely safe and manageable  system.

Keep Hair Looking Vibrant and Healthy.

A few weeks after I left the salon my hair starts looking brassy and the caramel color I started out with fades.  With the Golden Blonde line of TouchBack Plus I am able to tone my highlights back to a nice blonder hue. 

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