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Kelly Kits Monthly Art Kits for Kids

My creative juices are constantly flowing and I have craft projects coming out my ears. Most are half done and I have every intention on finishing them one day. Just like my half done baby blanket I started making while pregnant, he’s three now.  When it comes to homeschool projects, I tend to run out of ideas, but my kids crave art time.  I just received my October Kelly Kit. It’s the month of Kelly Klay.  We received a bag of green powder and directions.
Straight to the kitchen with my 11 yr old for a little chemistry action.  All we needed was water a tbsp of oil, boil the wet ingredients and mix it all together in a bowl.

Volia! It gets nice and thick and turns in to sculpture clay.

Play time.  My boys love creative play, getting their little fingers into everything.  The monthly Kelly Kit is a no fail way for me to bring in a craft – art project, without racking my brain on ideas.  It’s also a great surprise to get a new project for the kids each month.

Shop Kelly Kits.

Want to try out the kit for yourself, keep reading there is a special offer below.




Grand Prize:
10- Annual Kelly Kit Subscriptions valued at $99.90 each
Runner Up Prizes:
5- 3 month Kelly Kit Subscriptions valued at $29.97 each

To enter the contest head over to the Kelly Kit Facebook Page.  Contest ends November 16th, Winner will be drawn on November 19th and announced on the facebook page!

**Every person who enters the contest will also be issued a coupon code to redeem a FREE Kelly Kit. It is completely optional for entrants to redeem the kit. Please beware a small one-time shipping charge of $2.49 to redeem the kit.**

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