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Party City Halloween for Less

Are you ready for Halloween?  Costumes are by far our favorite part of  Halloween.  I usually pick my boys brains for their ideas of what they want to be.  But in my mind I know that I want quality costumes that we can use again and again for pretend play or to pass on to the next year.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average person spends $72 on Halloween planning.

For my family of five that makes for an expensive Halloween.  Party City has exceptional costumes by Costume USA with all the extras without the extra cost.  Party City outfitted my family of five  with Costume USA costumes as well as mass marketed competitor costumes to see what we think about the difference.  The pictures do tell a lot of the comparisons check out our family picks.

Police Officer

Costume USA Police Officer includes 5 pieces: Hat, Shirt with tie, Belt with holster, Pants, Pretend walkie talkie $29.99.  Size Toddler 3-4

Competitor includes 2 pieces: Muscle chest jumpsuit with tie, hat.   size (2T – 4T)

The competitor costume comes small my 19 month old fits in it perfectly (he’s just now getting into some 2T clothes).  My three yr old who wears a 3T  could not get this to close.  The competitor hat is also very small and barely fits on his head.  Besides the muscle chest, which is just funny to look at we love the Costume USA Police Officer best.  It’s made with better quality fabric and the details are perfect.



Costume USA Reflective Firefighter: Includes Helmet, Jacket, Pants $29.99

Competitor: includes: Jacket, Boot tops, Hat

The competitor costume is made of a stiff paper material.  The Costume  USA  costume is made of quality material with a nice reflective accents.  The Costume USA  helmet is sturdy and includes the face shield.


Brave Crusader

Costume USA Brave Crusader includes: Tunic, Hood, Cape, Gloves, Sash, Boot covers $24.99

Competitor: 3 piece includes Hood with crown, tunic, boot tops

Everything about the Costume USA Brave Crusader is better.  The competitor costume sheds red fuzzies everywhere.  The competitor hood fits tight around the neck and looks uncomfortable.  The silver accents on the Costume USA is more updated and looks flashier than the competitor costume.


Costume USA Aphrodite: 5 piece set includes  Head wreath, White dress, Shoulder Drape, 2 Armbands on sale $19.99

Competitor: 1 piece white mini dress

The competitor dress is thin, slightly see-through, and a little to “mini” for my taste. The attached arm drapes are very droopy and awkward looks more like a cape than drapes over my arms.  The Costume USA costume comes with great accessories and is something I can wear for hours without shifting and adjusting.


Phantom of Darkness

Costume USA Phantom of Darkness includes Hooded robe $14.99

Competitor:  robe, belt, gloves, hood, fade in & out glasses requires batteries

Need I say anything?! The Costume USA costume is more streamlined and doesn’t look like a cut up black sheet.  This by far turned out to be a great costume, it screams Halloween and looks spooky even in the middle of the day.

Before you go racking your brain and your wallet, check out the selection at your nearest Party City or shop online.  They have an enormous selection of costumes and party supplies for your entire family.

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I’d love to know have you gotten your costume yet?  What will you be wearing this year?  Sound off in the comments.

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