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LG Front Loading Washer Benefits and Best Buy Deal

LG Front Load laundry benefits


Last week while on vacation, I walked into our hotels laundry room and was met with a front loading washer. Compared to my ancient top loading washer, I was in for a treat and a washing experience like I never knew existed. My top loading washer is basically a loud drum that questionably washes my clothes. If I have any stains on my clothes, I have to prewash them before I can put them in the washing machine. This is just something I was accustomed to and thought I couldn’t get out of. It’s been on my list of things to replace our old washer for quite sometime now, but I just hadn’t taken the opportunity to do my homework on a high performance machine until now. Having an LG front loading washer would be a dream for my family of six. I washed two loads of laundry while on vacation, not once did I pretreat and I was sold all around on my experience with front load washing.

The Benefits of an LG Front Loading Washer 

When shopping for a washer I have three necessities I’m looking for. I want a washer that will save me money, save me time and do its job. LG front loading washers fit the bill when it comes to all around performance. 
Save Money
The LG front loading washers are energy efficient saving money on your electric bill. They also use less water with their adjustable levels for the load size. The front load washer has faster spin speeds that reduce time and energy spent drying clothes.
Large Loads 
Front load washers offer greater capacity sizes than a standard top-load machine. The LG 4.5 Cu. Front Loading Washer easily fits large loads and even king sized bedding.

Best Cleaning Solution
With the drum on its side it allows the laundry to not only spin, but the fins allow the laundry to be pushed up and down. As the clothes is pushed up and down the soiled laundry is loosened and gets cleaned. They also provide less wear and tear on clothing.
SideKick compatible

Wash 2 loads at once by adding an LG SideKick pedestal. This addition is versatile and perfect for small loads and delicates so you can do two loads at the same time on different programs.


The Benefits of an LG Front Loading Washer

Learn more about the LG front loading washers and purchase an LG front loading washer and SideKick at Best Buy and save an additional $150.

The Benefits of an LG Front Loading Washer at BestBuy

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