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Mutton Bustin at the San Antonio Rodeo

Getting a pep talk from a cowboy at the san antonio rodeo


If you follow me on my social profiles you may have seen the bombarding of pictures of my middle sons opportunity to do Mutton Bustin at the San Antonio Rodeo.   I signed him up last fall for the chance to be picked as a contestant during the rodeo.  He just turned four and barely met the age requirement by a few weeks.  I was told that thousands of entries came through every year and the selection process was done through a lottery.  I had actually forgotten that I had entered him, when I received a letter in the mail  stating he was chosen.

Now came the fun part, getting this kid excited to ride a sheep.  We showed him a few videos of other kids mutton bustin but I think it scared him more than excited him.  The idea of him hanging on for dear life to a sheep and having it run scarred me too. But oh’ my gosh if you have ever seen this in real life it is the most exciting part of the rodeo and a chance that not everyone gets.

Waiting to go Mutton Bustin

Brody getting ready to go Muton Bustin at the San Antonio Rodeo 2013

We spent the twenty minutes before the rodeo started telling him how fun it would be getting to be a cowboy and meeting them.  I am not sure he knew what to expect but once he saw the other 8 kids, he followed along with the direction of the Rodeo staff.  They were amazing by the way and took very good care of our little boy.  They grabbed his little hand and sent us off to our seats.  We spent a good 30 minutes trying to enjoy the first part of the rodeo, while Brody was down with the other contestants getting ready.  My heart raced the entire time and I was so nervous he was scared to death or crying.  I could just imagine this little four year old with strangers and kids he didn’t know, ugh it was torture.

And then this happened!  From our seats we spotted this little guy with his helmet on ready to come out on the dirt.

Brody in line at Mutton Bustin San Antonio Rodeo

Mutton Bustin for 18,000 fans

As they announced the kids they stated that these little guys and (1) girl would be Mutton Bustin in front of 18,000+ fans.  Good thing he doesn’t know the difference of 100 or 18,000, that number was enough to scare me for the both of us.

That’s my boy Mutton Bustin

San Antonio Rodeo 2013 Brody Mutton Bustin

He did a great job and while he didn’t win the coveted belt buckle, the only girl that night won it (and it was pretty awesome to see a girl kick all the boys butts).  He did AMAZING, he hung on and was a champ when he fell off.  He even did a little dance when Leon Coffee stood him up and brushed the dirt off of him.

Brody with the San Antonio Rodeo Clowns

I am so proud of this little boy!  He has been dragging his huge trophy around the house so proud of himself.  We will definitely be signing up for Mutton Bustin next year.

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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