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Reconnect with NESCAFE Clasico: Sobremesa Project

Reconnect with NESCAFE Clasico and the Sobremesa Project. Thanks to NESCAFÉ Clásico for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to live life to the fullest!

What is a cup of cafecito to you? For me coffee was a huge part of my upbringing. My grandparents had coffee brewing all day and it was why everyone lingered at the dinning room table. I would dip my pan de huevo in my grandfathers NESCAFE Clasico and sit around the table listening to stories my aunts and uncles had. These days we don’t have as many moments of Sobremesa. We seem to go through the motions of the day and feel rushed. Even once school is over and work is done, I find myself rushing through our nightly routine. Dinner, dishes, laundry, showers… Oh, did you brush your teeth, story time… I squeeze all of these tasks into a few hours and we all seem to end the day stressed. I realize that I am not making time to reconnect with my family, my grandparents did it, but for some reason I didn’t keep the tradition. Last night I brought out the NESCAFE Clasico and sweet bread. Everyone enjoyed the change of pace and the chance to catch up. My husband and kids stayed around the table after dinner and we talked. We vented and then we talked about a family vacation. The Sobremesa Project reminded me that this is what my family needs. At least one night a week we are going to reconnect and enjoy Sobremesa as a family.  

Reconnect with NESCAFE Clasico: Sobremesa Project 

Do you have your own moments where Sobremesa happens? Share your story and tag @NESCAFELatino with the hashtag #MomentoNESCAFE.

NESCAFE Clasico is the key to getting together with my friends and family. You can easily let loose and reconnect with a moment of sobromesa. 


Learn more about the Sobremesa Project and connect with Nescafe on facebook.


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