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It’s officially Potty Training Time

It’s officially Potty Training Time

Today Dominic turns 26 months and the milestone’s are passing me quicker than I can keep up.  My husband and I are watching our baby turn into a big boy before our eyes.  The potty training a boy tips I posted about have been in full use.

Potty Training Big Boy Status

Our kiddo had been giving plenty of signs that potty training was where he needed to be.  So this mamma has been ready to celebrate these exciting moments.  I don’t go to over the top, unless you consider breaking out in song and dance – too much.  I must say this kid responds marvelously to a little silly jumping and singing after he’s kept his cars pull-ups dry and made it to the bathroom!!

His cars pull-ups are special to him. He knows if he keeps them dry he gets to wear his big boy pull-ups.

I am obsessed with flushable wipes, if you don’t have some {run to the store}. They make cleaning tushes oh so easy and I don’t feel so irked out when my kiddo does his own wiping. I don’t know about you but it’s challenging for me to give him that control and learn to do these things on his own.

Little man is also less scared of the big toilet with his comfy Mickey seat.  It’s amazing what a seat can do to make the toilet not so scary.

A few things I’ve learned midway through potty training this kiddo.

Don’t push potty training on your toddler.  This boy was literally saying “I pee” while standing in front of the potty (diaper on) with his shirt lifted over his belly.  He would also immediately freak when his diaper is wet or dirty.

Don’t let setbacks from your toddler set you back.  It does get stressful when you see any digression, especially when you thought things where going so good.  Let the set backs be learning experiences for your toddler but don’t let them set you back from the progress.  Keep up with all of the potty training tips even when small setbacks occur.


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