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Orly Epix Flexible Color Nail Lacquer Out-Take Review

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Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my thoughts. 

Guess what? We don’t have to send our neons packing, because 2015 fall trends are filled with neons. Great news because as we end today as the last official day of summer, I am wearing Orly Epix Flexible Color Nail Lacquer in ‘Out-Take’ from Beauty Brands.

orly epix nail

Orly Epix Flexible Color Nail Lacquer is a two-step system of flexible color. The system is a gel-like lacquer that leave an ultra-shine finish. The smudge fixing technology allows the formula to remain elastic and flex with the nail.

It’s insanely difficult for me to wait out a long drying time, so I was curious to see what the flexible nail color was all about. I usually smudge a nail in the process and end up trying to patch up the mistake only to make a bigger mess. Epix Flexible Color smoothes itself out without having to redo the entire nail. The 60 bristle count brush applies smoothly onto the nail.

The greatness of this product is all in the numbers: It wears 75% longer than traditional manicures, removes 85% faster than gels, dries to a high shine finish in less than 8 minutes (that’s 60% faster than a regular manicure) and goes on 76% faster than gels.

Step 1:  flexible color

I applied two coats of the Step 1: flexible color nail lacquer Out-take. Waiting 5 minutes in-between coats.

Step 2: flexible sealcoat 

After letting those two coats dry for about 4 minutes, I then applied a coat of step 2. Smudges made during the drying process of step 1 where corrected when I applies step 2 for a smooth finish. Total dry time from start to finish was approx. 20 minutes.  Step 2 delivered a high shine and gel-like finish. Step 2 also has a stronger scent, if you don’t frequently get gel-manis this may bother you. After a couple of hours and a hand washing it did go away.

My thoughts on Orly Epix Flexible Color Nail Lacquer.

I love a good manicure and often switch out my nail polish. The Epix Flexible Color immediately left me with a gel-like high-shine manicure. It was easy to clean up the small mishaps on my skin, under warm water.

Day 3:  I did notice minor tip wear. I am very rough on my hands and type all day, so this is not out of the

Day 7: the high shine seemed to dull drastically.  I decided to test out Epix skills be applying one coat of step 1 and step 2 on top to repair the manicure and keep it looking fresh. Worked nicely, but took a good 15 minutes to dry.

Day 9: I got a major chip and decided to remove the polish. I was able to peel most of the polish off and easily remove the remaining with polish remover. I must say it was probably easier to peel the polish because I had so many total coats.

Overall Orly Epix Flexible Color Nail Lacquer ‘Out-take’ worked well. The color is bold and highly pigmented. I love the high shine and easy two-step process that didn’t require any prep, curing or lights.


Shop Orly EPIX Flexible Color Nail Polish from Orly at Beauty Brands.


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