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Palmolive Fresh Infusions

It’s been a crazy week and we are trying out Palmolive Fresh Infusions.

I have been majorly busy this past week.  That two week break from homeschool was what I needed to get refocused but boy our work load has increased.  AJ is gearing up for testing and I want him to be as prepared as possible, so we have taken on a bigger work load for a few weeks.  The New Year has also brought on a major change to  clean out of everything we don’t need.  I even did a clothes swap with some of my SA blog friends this past weekend (I highly encourage you to do this).  It was such a great idea and we are going to do it again with home goods in February.    I am so excited about that one mainly because my friends have great taste and we are changing things up here. I am in the middle of a few refurbishing projects too.   Stay tuned those posts are coming.  So in short these past 9 days of January have been hectic.  I don’t think I have made it to bed before midnight.


I had a great little package arrive today and you know I am a sucker for pretty things.  Package it up all nicely and I am more likely to buy it.  I received these beautiful bottles of Palmolive Fresh Infusions.  They just look so fresh and clean.

Palmolive Fresh Infusions Scents


Remind me of a sunny day and they smell insanely yummy.  The green is lime basil, the pink (my favorite) ginger white tea and the yellow is lemon thyme.  I never look forward to hand dish washing but this dish liquid has quickly become my fave.  You can find the Palmolive Fresh Infusions at Walmart.

Palmolive Fresh Infusions Ginger White Tea

palmolive fresh infusions


Disclosure: I received Palmolive courtesy of Influenster in exchange for my thoughts.   If you want an invite to be an influenster leave your email below.  Palmolive Fresh Infusions

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